Genuine Australian Lambswool Pillow Cover

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Genuine Australian Lambswool Pillow Cover

I’m one of those people that love wool, if your not or have allergies I’m sorry…but I love it! This pillowcase is 100% Australian sheepskin lambswool, and feels cuddly and soft! This fits a 16″ x 16″ and I think it looks adorable. One of the main reasons I love wool in my bedroom is that with wool you don’t have to worry about any added chemicals and they are hypoallergenic! I was told once that using wool will keep your body temperature right where it will be whether it is hot or cold in your home or outdoors if your outside with wool covering you. So, what’s that got to do with a pillow cover? Well, having a pillow with wool keeps my head from feeling hot at night, yep it keeps it cool and you get an all natural cool pillow effect or a warm pillow if it’s crazy cold in bed.

These pillow covers are perfect for a great nights rest without having to turn them over or feel sweaty and hot at night. This is a smaller pillow size but the company does offer larger ones, I tested this out in bed to see how it’d work and if it was true that wool is awesome for the bedroom! I wouldn’t mind a larger sized one! My kiddos also used this for naps out in our living room and seemed to love the fuzzy soft fluffy fur as they called it!

Due to this review opportunity I have discovered that we will be incorporating wool more in our bedding as well, this little pillow has won us all over. Never have I ever had such a great experience with keeping completely comfortable temperature wise through the entire night! In doing research I discovered that wool absorbs moisture then releases it and discovered as we sleep we lose a certain amount of moisture causing restlessness. The wool pretty much normalizes all this! Seriously, research about it, it’s incredible and might make you want more wool in your life too. I’ll try not to go on and on about it but seriously wool just turned into a really cool material to me!

By the way, wool is also fire resistant!






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