Got Me Tipsy Glass Mugs!

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Got Me Tipsy Glass Mugs!

Hey guys I’m reviewing two beautiful glass mugs for Got Me Tipsy who by the way offer not only coffee cups but some pretty wicked wine glasses too. All of which have some pretty awesome lettering on them from gifts to something for yourself. The two mugs I’ll be reviewing today are both intended as a gift, one for a teacher and the other for a boss but they have some pretty hilarious things to offer so check them out!

One of the perks of these mugs is that they’re only around $17 which is pretty amazing considering the quality of the glass. I’ve never owned a glass coffee cup because I guess I thought it wouldn’t work out too great or maybe I was afraid it was fragile or something…doesn’t make sense since ceramic is just as breakable but I guess my logic wasn’t too great on that one. Anyway, I’m glad I got a chance to try these out because I was kinda totally wrong about them.

First things first the packaging was great with both mugs, they came tightly packed in a good sized box and I doubt there would be any real chance of breaking during shipping. They also have a bit of tissue paper in there so it feels like a little gift upon opening!


Best Teacher Ever



Fun text for this mug, seems friendly and inviting! 13 oz Glass Mug, it’s microwave and dishwasher safe, with text printed on both sides.


Best Boss Ever



I think this text is a bit more professional for the boss in your life…or yourself! 13 oz glass mug, it’s microwave and dishwasher safe, with text printed on both sides.


These coffee cups are amazing! First off, the glass is super thick, it’s not crazy heavy but high quality. The handle doesn’t get hot even with fresh brewed coffee in it and I’ve actually put it in the microwave a few times to reheat my cold coffee and the handle still doesn’t get super hot but my coffee does. Not sure how they managed that but props because that’s a flaw I dislike in my other cups!


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