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Amazing… you take a morning and nightly dose of amazing! I wish there was a better word to describe the epic awesome I have felt while taking these! I hope I can do it justice as I tell you about these vitamins. These are just about the most well rounded everything you could possibly need vitamin! I’m in love, seriously in love with these vitamins! I want to stock up on these so there isn’t a day I don’t get to take them that’s how much I love them! HealthyCell is a must!

Take it right…
2 morning pills in the morning
2 night time pills at night

All the ingredients are raw which are all cold pressed to make a tablet. If a supplement uses heat in the process of making their tablets they could be changing how it affects the body or if it will even work.

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Day one on the morning blend I forgot to make my usual coffee I make to wake myself up because I felt awake and energized! That first night taking the night time vitamin, I fell asleep with no issues at all. Day 3 I felt AMAZING from the days start to end and it didn’t even take a week on the vitamins to tell they were making a huge difference! I noticed so much of a difference I got my hubby (NOT A MORNING PERSON) on it. By day 2 he was up at 8am and ready to go when he’s normally lagging till around 10am. He works afternoons right now due to not having the energy most mornings to work a super early shift. I was even more amazed when it affected him positively. Healthy Cell has gained 2 people who are already hooked to it! We are both taking it daily now.

I will admit the ingredients freaked me out a bit. Not that there is anything bead in it, but there is so much in them. This happens to be a really really good thing. They are seriously the only vitamin I’ll need because they have a little of everything needed packed into them. I’d love to break down all the ingredients for you but it’d seriously make this post super long. Just know it’s the most power packed vitamin I’ve seen or taken!

I usually don’t post repeatedly about a product on my personal page but it was hard not to mention HealthyCell more than once to family and friends!




No Dairy, No Egg, No Peanuts, No Tree Nuts, No Shellfish, No Fish, No Soy, No Wheat, No Gluten. No artificial preservatives, colors or flavors – See more at:

Total Phytonutrients: 1,228 mg
Total Vitamins: 5,430 IU + 206 mg
Total Minerals: 303 mg
Total Digestive Enzymes: 352 units
Total Absorption Enhancers: 58 mg
Total Tablets per Day: 4
Stomach type: Normal
Age: 30 – 75
Weight: 115 – 250 lbs
– See more at:


Why two different pills?


We’ve both experienced increased energy, better sleep, a better all around feeling and no crash mid day! I’ve been able to chase my minions around and if it is even possible I’ve had even more energy than them! Momma’s keeping up and they’re loving it! Hubby has been told he seems to be more energetic now which his bosses love and while friends caught colds around me I seem to be fighting them off better when I’d normally be the first one sick if a person a mile away had the sniffles! The proof in the product is how you feel and you’d have to try it out to see why I have been tooting it’s horn so much!


Disclosure: Cricket’s Daily Fix did not receive compensation for this review. However a free product was provided for trial and review above. Please see full disclosure HERE.


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