Here’s why I reviewed a Spitz Bath….

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Here’s why I reviewed a Spitz Bath….

Usually I try to refrain from odd reviews…but, I know many many many new moms and I myself was a new mom at one point in time. I reviewed this item to see how it worked and see if maybe this was something I could recommend to my friend, family and if it was something I could have used back when I was miserably recovering from pregnancy haha.

So what is a spitz bath you ask?

I will let the seller’s description let you know as I think they say it best.

Having discomfort “down there” is no fun. Your doctor says that by sitting in a Sitz Bath, blood flow to the affected area will increase, thereby starting the healing process. Sure, you could take a regular bath and experience the same relief but who has time to strip and take the recommended 2-4 baths per day. This is why your AnuSoothe Sitz Bath is going to be your best friend until you are fully healed. You can use it with water only, or if your doctor recommends, add herbs, oils, etc.

– Fits onto most standard toilets;
– Is strong and durable;
– Thanks to the water bag, you can sit for longer periods without needing to get up to get warm water;
– Can conveniently be used several times per day without needing to strip down completely.
– Is easy to clean and reusable-put it back in the box and use again when needed.

For all pictures, I am just showing the product, I kinda feel weird about taking pictures of it in the toilet and posting them on here haha. Note: the product pictures were taken before it was placed in the toilet…again, not sure why but it weirds me out haha.

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So why would you ever want one of these? Well, when you’ve given birth to your amazingly cute, perfect baby they send you home with a little squirt bottle and say spray this down there once you get home each time you head out to the bathroom and it’ll help with the healing and help with the pain.

With my first pregnancy I tore, I had a couple of stitches put in and I was miserable…mostly because they forced me to push when I wasn’t ready but I wont get into that just now. I had so much pain it wasn’t even funny, I hated it, I had that horrible never ending period after having him and I was like seriously someone could have told me how bad this would suck! But, even if they had, it wouldn’t have helped much.

So I’d fill my little bottle and hope that helped out each time.

With my second and third pregnancies and baby’s births I didn’t tear! I was like yay, this means way less pain…think again, still super painful and horrible. Again I cherished my little squirt bottle which I wished each time had just a bit more water in it.

I do not know what a c-section is like as I had 3 natural births (natural in every way), and I can only say that recovery this way can be difficult (although I completely understand recovery from a c-section is difficult as well I’m only talking about a non c-section birth

I opened this thing up, and put it onto my toilet, I filled it up and tried it out to see if it would have in fact worked. It would have…it really would. Had I had this it would have made things just a bit easier. Had I had this it would have helped! I might not have wanted to use it at first, I might have been embarrassed, but then after my baby was out and I was in pain, and felt disgusting, and hated recovery, I would have been so so thankful I had this then. So, I reviewed this so that you didn’t have to and so that you could know that even if a product seems out there, or embarrassing, or unneeded, sometimes there’s totally a really great reason to use it! So, take my word for it, try it out, or don’t but know that this item exists and when that time comes and your feeling helpless this could seriously help soften the blow of what recovering from a birth can feel like.


Disclosure: Cricket’s Daily Fix did not receive compensation for this review. However a free product was provided for trial and review above. Please see full disclosure HERE.


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