House In The Grass Vines

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House In The Grass Vines

Hey guys, wanted to take a minute to introduce you to House In The Grass Vines my aunts Etsy shop which has some pretty amazing stuff. Currently she has 6 items for sale but she posts new products regularly. I have been lucky enough to get to try out a lot of her different products with my family and it’s made me come to appreciate the hard work and thought put into homemade things even more. My aunt Jenna is a very loving, kind, and inspirational person and I’m so happy I’m able to call her family! Luckily for our family, Christmas presents usually consist of her home made goodies so I’d like to share a few of them with you guys and maybe you’ll check out her Etsy page and get to share the experience with us!

Note: I’d like to let ya’ll know that she responds quickly to questions and or any concerns (although I’ve had absolutely no issues with anything she’s ever made), and she does custom orders too! I truly appreciate companies small or big that have good communication with their customers.

First things first are her soap bar, keep in mind they are not currently available but I have been told they can be custom ordered or you can contact her for any of these items. I have literally run out of my stockpile of her soaps because I’m beyond obsessed with them. They smell amazing, they are perfect for the intended use, my kids love them, I love them, they lather perfectly and they all got me a bit too spoiled. That is right, I got spoiled by them! I don’t want store bought soap ever again, I’m not exaggerating, I’m hooked on her soaps and because of her have also bought more soaps locally until I get more of hers. No I’m not trying to toot her horn, they really do rock that much. Check these out:

















All of the above soaps can be ordered and I can’t pick a favorite because they’re all pretty epic. I will say my kiddos are super fond of the baby powder goat milk soap! We put them into the little washcloth like baggie and use them for bath time. As for all the others, they are all amazing! We did not have any issues with dry skin or irritation with any ingredients, hubby’s acne has actually started to clear up after daily use and they last for a good while! With that said, we’ve run out because these are the only soaps we have been using lately!

I also got to try out her baby oil and diaper creams which by the way I prefer to store bought or other big brands not only because I know exactly what is going into it but if I’d like a change made or something added I can always let her know and she can do that! They also work better too in my opinion. Also got to try out a regular lotion which I think goes great as a moisturizer after soap use.






Now for my and my families absolute favorite of all. These things were loved so much I had to put them on lock down for slightly special occasions haha. I did not at all anticipate everyone in my house loving these as much as they did and honestly I had heard of them before but didn’t think I’d be so in love with them either. I kinda wanted to give them to everyone I knew and equally wanted to stash them away and hide them for my own use and not share at all haha. But it is a perfect gift for friends or family for pretty much everything because I can guarantee you cannot pop a tub tea into your bath and not get super happy! Check these out! Ahhhhh I love them so much! Need to order more!





Seriously check these out they are amazing, relaxing, calming, I wish I had more words for how much we love them!

She also made me a body wash that pretty much blew my mind. Keep in mind some of these labels are not the final labels. It’s called love spell and the smell is something I can’t even describe it just makes you want to stay in the shower for like an hour with a loofah lathering up and pretty much forget about the world around you. I went through this stuff pretty fast, it lathers up nicely and left my skin feeling soft and smelling like the awesomeness that the bottle released! Words simply cannot do this body wash justice. I will forever be in love with it… no pun intended.


You will most likely see future posts on my aunt’s shop The House In The Grass Vines! If your interested in any of her products please visit her Etsy shop or email me to get more info!

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