I love these Sandwich Cutters!!

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I love these Sandwich Cutters!!

I’m a super duper big fan of sandwich cutters. They make them taste better….ok so they don’t they just look cuter! I admit I cut my sandwiches into little shapes at times as well for the flavor boost and all 😛 not because I’m really a big kid at heart or anything. Speaking of hearts, these sandwich cutters come with a heart cutter and a dino cutter!

Might sound a bit odd but when I get a sandwich cutter I’m looking for enough of a space between the two slices and the plastic going down all the way down so that once you pull it up it has two separate pieces and no fighting to get the pieces out. I like that the two cutters aren’t just basic shapes, they have nice curves and the sandwich cutters seriously make adorable sandwiches.

I added some pictures so that you can fall in love with them too and a video to show you how great they work too. Showing the amazing culinary perfection of peanut butter and jelly and of course turkey and cheese the two sandwiches that my kids are never tired of. I am partial to the pb&j!


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Product info:

Fun Shapes for Kids – Help kids enjoy preparing, eating, and finishing their sandwich. This kitchen gadget comes in 2 shapes and colors, blue dinosaurs and pink hearts

Cut With Ease and Safety – These cutters are made of hard and healthy plastic that is durable and strong. This kitchen accessory is 100% safe for kids to use.

Great for Picky Eaters – Kids love this biscuit cutter as the shapes and colors motivate them to eat sandwiches. Dinosaurs are for kids as hearts are for husband’s lunchbox.

Perfect for parties and finger foods – Kids will love and adore the sandwiches and finger foods as these fun kitchen tools and accessories are created with kids in mind.

BONUS MEMORY CARD GAMES – The cutters include a free card gamesfor kids to play enhancing cognitive memory and concentration.


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