I love your meat! Applegate Farms <3

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I love your meat! Applegate Farms

O the options provided when your shopping for meat are numerous! Whether your strolling the frozen meats isle or the deli area you have to admit there are so many options that sometimes a few get overlooked. I know that with meat, we just always bought what we were used to getting, what we got last time, and we rarely strayed from that. Some people only buy what mom told them was good, or what is on sale or what they have a coupon for but there are a few reasons you should probably think a little more in depth about what meat you buy from now on. I know I will.

I was recently contacted by Applegate Farms and asked if I’d like to try a few of their products, I had just recently decided to eat meat again so this seemed like a great idea!

It surprised me that I hadn’t thought about a few things in the past. One, that after watching Food Inc. and being horrified at a lot that goes on in the food industry I had not paid closer attention to a few details with the meat my hubby was eating… maybe it was because I wasn’t myself consuming it? We had started buying more farm fresh meats but right on the cover of the VERY DELICIOUS might I add, Roasted Chicken Breast was in red letters “no antibiotics used”. Oh gosh, I had heard about this in Food Inc, in the news, and still had not looked into what we buy to make sure we didn’t consume meats that came from animals that were given insane amounts of antibiotics!

Why does this matter? Well, the animals that are used for our food source are being given large amounts of antibiotics, this can contribute to dangerous antibiotic resistance and MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, a bacterium responsible for several difficult-to-treat infections in humans). Ecoli and Salmonella are drug-resistant, and can be passed to us through meat that is not thoroughly cooked.

Right on the package Applegate tells you that they do NOT use antibiotics and all their products are humanly raised with no nitrites or nitrates added, as well as being gluten and casein free!

Ok, so I’m feeling more comfortable eating meat now, but wait there’s more…. wile strolling their website and looking into the meat I was about to consume, I came across a page that intrigued me. The Promise tracker… with this, you can meet the farmers that raise their animals and the manufacturers who make their products and essentially know exactly where your meat is coming from.

Below is an example of what you would see on the page:


Besides being a healthier choice and actually giving you more information about where your meat comes from, the products are unbelievably tasty! I hadn’t eaten meat in a long time, and what I remembered about deli meat… well, it didn’t make me want to run and make a sandwich. I remembered meat that tasted generic and salty and stuck together in a blob within the package that usually didn’t seal very well leaving the meat to get hard edges and be just GROSS!

Applegate Farms sent my family and I some Natural Roasted Chicken Breast, Natural Pepperoni, and Natural Breakfast Sausage. You can see a full listing of products offered by Applegate Farms HERE.

The first sandwich I had after years of not eating meat was a chicken and pepperoni cold cut delicious pair up which I added avocado, lettuce and tomato too, I still love my veggies! My hubby was especially fond of the peperoni as I noticed our pack quickly diminished and I didn’t get much of it to my self… it’s good to know he liked it lol. I have to say my absolute favorite was the sausage I was given the chance to try, we had it a few mornings and my favorite way to serve it was in an omelet with cheese!

We are so impressed with Applegate Farms that although we’re unable to find anyone near us that sells we are planning on ordering online! We’ve found a product we not only want to stick to because it tastes good, but its a better option for us than those offered in stores near us. To find the nearest location to you that sells Applegate Farms meats follow this link HERE.

Make sure to sign up for their newsletter as well! http://www.applegatefarms.com/

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