Indian Healing Clay Mask made my face feel like a baby butt!

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Indian Healing Clay Mask made my face feel like a baby butt!

I love clay masks! Ever since I was a little kid visiting family deep in Mexico and we’d climb the mountains to grab clay and grab mud from the river banks (this amazing mud) we’d make face masks and it felt like you got a mini face lift! I didn’t realize then that this face mask thing would become something I enjoyed! I would like to credit those amazing masks for getting me to my almost 30’s whoa…I’m 29 I’ll be 30 next year…anyway, to my almost 30’s without needing make up, haveing great pores, no acne and no signs of oncoming wrinkles yet! I was started young on face masks and I reaped the benefits! Due to starting them early, I have come to the point where one use will let me know if the mask is worth it, worth another use, whether it is doing it’s job!

I bring you now to this Indian Healing Clay Mask!




The contents of this container make me happy! I’m a label reader, I read a label from top to bottom side to side and I analyze every single thing about it before I use it. If I find something I am not familiar with I research it and become informed. If the label is not informative I message the company for details! So, when I find a nice label, that has strait up info, is easy to read, has all the info needed it’s nice! This stuff is easy to use, seriously just get some either in your hand or in a little bowl, add water to the consistency you like, and put it on your face! Right on the label it directs you to where you can get more recipes for differing uses too!



Product Info:

100% Organic Calcium Bentonite Clay Harvested in the USA Backed by our No Questions Asked Satisfaction Guarantee.

Finely Milled into Flour Texture – This powder makes the mud texture VERY SMOOTH and perfect for spa quality masks and facials

Simple to use – Mix with water and apply as a mask or mix in your favorite facial ingredients. Use bentonite clay as the base for making your own masks and wraps.

After the first use my face felt AMAZING! While on, I immediately felt it at work and I felt like it was literally tightening my face up! I did use this more than once, I’ve actually used it a few times now. The first time took me a few tries to get the right consistency I liked but once I had it I’ve been using it easily and happily! It washes off super easy and it feels like it takes all the dirt and grime and any stress the days have brought off with it!

Clay masks soak up any oil you might have on your face and wash away any and ALL grime while it lets your skin soak up all those awesome minerals in the clay. I’ve been told by family that these clay masks also help boost probiotics in your body as well and I’m all about those probiotics!


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