Inko’s White Tea :(

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Inko’s White Tea :(

Before I start this post, I am sad I cant say positive things about this tea…I wish I could.

I found Inko’s White Tea at H.E.B. (for those of you out of TX it is a grocery store…a pretty spiffy one at that! I missed it very much wile I was in TN and KY! Anyway, it was on sale and all of the cans had dust all over them and were dented. I’m guessing the product didn’t sell well. None the less I decided to try it. The front of the can caught my attention, not just the neat design (my heart still lies with design and I notice that above all else when I see a product) but the words jitter-free called to me!

Everything sounded promising… but I didn’t have a very pleasing experience. I wont put too much negativity into this review as I normally try my hardest to say everything possibly good about a company, I’m guessing this is just one of their products I don’t like but I’m determined to try another some time soon. I took this after eating a usual breakfast, throughout the day I was in fact jitter-free, however, I also had a horrible pain in my stomach, and wound up getting a pretty severe headache. Either I suddenly went from feeling like a million bucks to feeling like I got smacked upside the head by chance or it had something to do with this drink. I could test that and drink it again but the pain in my belly and head has left me a little scared to try this product ever again. I will try some of their other products though, I just don’t think this drink and I fit well together.

Find out more about Inko’s healthy white tea and try it out for yourself (everyone has a different experience with every product) on their website: HEALTHY WHITE TEA or find them on Facebook: FAN INKOS

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