It makes your mouth water

It makes your mouth water

Have you ever seen the movie Chocolat with Johnny Depp? My hubby and I have a disagreement on how exactly the name should be said, lol but that’s not why I brought that up. When you watch this movie, provided you don’t hate chocolate, you get this indescribable urge to find any chocolate that could come close to the flavors they describe! Going out to the store and buying a regular candy bar leaves you wanting and quite disappointed. The way they act when they eat chocolate in that movie makes you question if, in fact, there is any chocolate out there that could make you go gaga like they do. Being a chocolate lover, that made me mad haha.

I was given the opportunity to test out some Newman’s Own Organic products and of course I chose a chocolate bar first. I hadnt had chocolate in a wile and was excited to try this ORGANIC bar!

NO JOKE, I ran up to my hubby and made him try a piece! Creamy, smooth, rich, decadent, hold on I’ll dig up some more words for the taste that blew my mind! I almost wanted to pop that movie in and sit there munching on my chocolate bar and exclaim OH I KNOW as they described how delicious the chocolate they ate was. This was the first time I had ever tried any of their chocolates and although I love the company I had no idea it would exceed my expectations so!


I love LOVE coupons, you can find printable coupons at their site: HERE

I tried the Mocha Milk Chocolate Bar 34% Cocoa!

All their chocolate bars are 100% premium organic and I rather enjoyed reading the ingredients list (you guys know how I read ingredients for EVERYTHING lol) and reading ORGANIC before almost every item listed made me just that much more giddy! I think I’ll try every one they have… I’m a chocolate junkie!

I’ve always been a fan of Newman’s Own Organic and I’m going to attempt to try and review every one of their products as well as replacing some NON organic product in my pantry with one of theirs! Lets see if I can get the NON believer of organics (my hubby) to make the switch!

Their chocolates are made from cocoa beans grown on Rainforest Alliance Certifiedā„¢ farms and the USDA Organic Seal assures that at least 95% of the ingredients are organically certified.

If I havent gotten your attention about their awesome products I’ll try to peak your interests with more reviews of things I try!

Before I end this blog here’s a link to Newman’s Own Organics explination on what organic is exactly and a little bit from the page: TAKE A SECOND TO LEARN SOMETHING USEFUL!

DEFINITION: Organic agriculture is a holistic system with the primary goal of optimizing the health and productivity of interdependent communities of soil life, plants, animals, and people. Management practices are carefully selected with an intent to restore and then maintain ecological harmony on the farm, its surrounding environment and ultimately the whole planetary ecosystem.

ps. TOMORROW is Easter, we’re planning a Belizian style dinner (hubby’s family is from Belize) and I’m making it fun with some desert sushi which I’ll post about making and of course some Newman’s Own Organic munchies to munch on! šŸ˜€

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