Kona Kase {what I think}

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Kona Kase {what I think}

Lovely active lifestyle readers I have a subscription box for you! What makes for a good monthly subscription box? The price being affordable, great products, samples and a business that keeps their customers interest in mind!

If you have an active health conscious lifestyle this box may interest you!

I received a Kona Kase and my hubby was eager to grab at it’s contents lol it’s a box that peaked his interest as well. I love the box which has active words as it’s outside design and is a nice size but this box is packed to the brim with every amount of available space being filled with goodies!!!

First things first this is what the May box I received looked like inside (a lot for one box!):


Items received:
*Popcorners (caramel popcorn) coupon code for future purchases was included in box which was an awesome find of 15% off from popcorners!
*Luna Bar (Blueberry Blis)
*GU Recovery Brew (Chocolate Smoothie)
*2 GU Energy Gels (blueberry pomegranate and vanilla bean)
*2 GU Chomps (Strawberry and Lemon)
*Oh Yea Bar (Almond Fudge Brownie)
*Kind Fruit and Nut Bar (coconut & almond)
*GU Brew Electrolyte Drink Tablet (Lemon Lime)

20130711_151048Box’s Specs:
*$15 per month
*Multi-month discounts
*Free shipping on all Kases
*Contents worth way more than monthly price
*All cases ship on the 15th of the month
*Contents are intended for use before during and after workouts
*Introduces and connects you to new products
*Information and motivational cards included
*Each box is different
Previous boxes can be seen here:LOOK AT THAT BOX!

Kona Kase’s mission is to inspire individuals to create and maintain a healthy lifestyle. They believe anyone can get, and stay healhty if they’re given the right tools. Every month, Kona Kase delivers top tier nutritional products to their members’ doorsteps all across the US and Canada!

Honestly it’s like having a personal helper when it comes to getting healthy. Ever tried walking into a vitamin and supplement store and feel like the person working there is just trying to sell what will make them the most commission? Kona Kase can introduce you to what you need for a healthy lifestyle and help you find what works best for you. I like the fact that there are added discount codes with your box making the small fee of $15 a month totally worth every dollar! This monthly subscription is on the more affordable end of monthly subscription boxes but has great quality packed into it!

I mentioned motivation right? This months box had a card with a quote from Theodore Roosevelt included. I’m a sucker for motivational quotes and for a company that not only tries to better your health but make you want to better yourself as well!


The cards included also let you know why each product was chosen, when it is ideally used as far as before, during or after your workouts and asks for your feedback to better the products you receive. Kona Kase also offers free Kasaes for referring friends oh the many awesome things that Kona Kase offers!

If I peaked your interest there’s a few ways you can connect with Kona Kase:
Visit the Kona Kase blog: Read HERE
Visit the Kona Kase website: CHECK THEM OUT
Like Kona Kase on Facebook: LIKE HERE
Follow Kona Kase on Twitter: @konakase

Or purchase: HERE
*Month to month $15
*3 Months $41 (9% savings)
*6 Months $77 (14% savings)
*12 Months $145 (19% savings)

{what I think} Affordable, worth every dollar, great products, wonderful company not only for their products but a pleasure to work with and a great way to get your healthy lifestyle kick started! You can rely on great products monthly on time at your doorstep and not feel bad about spending a ton trying to find out what actually works for you.

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