Lavender Moon Bath SHOPPE Review and Giveaway

Lavender Moon Bath SHOPPE Review and Giveaway

The holiday season has had me happy, cheery, and relaxed! The smell of pumpkin pies cooking, cookies, turkey and ham, although I eat neither of those two lol, it all combines to give you a homey euphoria feel, something that comes around once a year and you treasure wile you can. During this great time of year, I also had the opportunity to try out a few soaps and lip balms from an Etsy shop cleanbreak or the Lavender Moon Bath SHOPPE . The soaps sent to me are scents that remind me of holiday celebration, relaxation, and comfort food, but in soaps and lip balms lol so they keep you clean too haha.

I received 3 soaps. The first has to be my favorite scent of all time, so I was eager to see how close Heather (owner of Lavender Moon Bath Shop) was able to make it smell like the real deal. The pumpkin pie soap was smooth, and if a smell can smell creamy this does, I don’t know how to explain it but that it smells like the very first sniff you get from a fresh baked pie just pulled out of the oven. I have smelled a lot of pumpkin pie scented things but this one was one of the only ones not lacking in anything. I’ve read that pumpkin pie is in fact one of the top scents that attract men to women, so that being said, I believe she did a great job on this soap and hope that the research is true! My hubby seems to like it 😉

The second soap I tried out is yet another favorite of mine, only not a comfort food. When chilling with my husbands family, my hubby and I enjoy Coronas with lime and salt, the idea of a soap containing these ingredients seemed quite odd to me and I actually had my doubts on whether I would like it or not. However, my love for a corona got me curious! I was yet again not disappointing in the least bit, and I actually took this soap for his family to smell and try as well. Besides smelling quite pleasant, it has benefits for your skin as well, which is another reason I wanted to try this soap out. Hops is the main ingredient in most beers and has a relaxing effect on people, this soap is great for a person trying to wind down from a hectic day. Believe me, I know, I used it for the first time after an eventful day at the office! Hops can also help with irritated skin and help soften it as well, so I learned Corona with lime and salt not only tastes and makes you feel good, but if you put it with a few other ingredients you get a great soap with multiple benefits as well!

The last soap I tried was the Sugared Peaches which to me smelled like peach cobbler, and as with the other soaps there wasn’t a lack of realness to the smell, or a fakeness, mostly because the ingredients she used were natural and good for you! These three soaps only make me want to stress further that home made is the way to go when it comes to taking care of your skin, rather than most store bought products. If you don’t know how to make it, there is always someone who does and you can turn to Etsy for almost anything and everything now a days!

I also tried two of her Read My Lips Lip Balms, Pumpkin Pie and Caramel Macchiato. The Pumpkin Pie lip balms is much like the soap in scent only I was not only amazed but astonished at how incredibly soft it actually made my lips! It glides on soft and smooth and lasts for a good part of the day, some lip balms can be costly, this is one that is worth every penny and will last you a LONG time! The Caramel Macchiato happens to be my favorite drink at Starbucks and having already tried the previous products I was sure this one would not let me down at all. With only having tried these two from her collection as with the three soaps I guarantee you will love anything you try yourself from her Etsy shop!

A side note, her Etsy shop not only has quality ingredients and well thought out products but she is doing her part in making her shop as GREEN as possible! A nice detail about her packaging is that it has discontinued wallpaper samples from books that were supposed to be thrown away incorporated into it, as well as recycled paper labels whenever it is possible for her! She also lists all the ingredients used so you know just what your putting on your skin!

Heather is offering one of my readers a soap and lip balm of their choice as part of this giveaway! Please visit her shop and take your time in choosing both because there are many many scents to choose from!

GIVEAWAY RULES: Please complete the main entry then do as many or as few extra entries as you would like, the more you do the more your chances of winning! Giveaway open to US and please try to help spread the word about this great Etsy shop!!!

Mandatory Entry:

Visit Heather’s shop Cleanbreak (Lavender Moon Bath SHOPPE) and message her with the scent of soap and the scent of lip balm you would like to have as your prize if you win the giveaway

Extra Entries:

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Giveaway open to US and ends on 02/20/11 at 8pm

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