Little B’s Organic Dog Treats Review (ETSY)

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Little B’s Organic Dog Treats Review (ETSY)

I have now met a dog treat that smells good enough to eat! Um I didn’t eat them however lol, my doggies were quick to though!


(flash on camera made treat appear yellow, it is red)

These cute little heart shaped treats came from Little B’s Organic Dog Treats on Etsy! They are homemade and free of corn, wheat, and soy, and they use high quality good for your pooch ingredients!

The treats were inspired by Michelle McCabe, who’s health conscious lifestyle she wanted to share with her furbaby addition to the family named Little B (Braddock) who is a bulldog. She hoped to give him a healthy treat with organic ingredients and the reason corn, wheat, and soy were left out is due to the fact that these are some of the most common ingredients that cause allergies in dogs. My dog Kaiser (shown in pic above) is extremely sensitive to almost EVERYTHING, so this it is much appreciated that there are treats out there that I know are safe for him and my other two furbabies as well!


They also do not have any salt, added sugar, artificial colors, artificial flavors, by-products, or preservatives. All ingredients are 100% Certified Organic! These treats are made to order so they are FRESH FRESH FRESH!

These specific treats are from the “I left my Heart in San Francisco” line and are Veggie Parm, it actually smells like a nice saucy pasta, that blew my mind!! Some ingredients these treats are made of are organic eggs, tomato paste, garlic, oregano, parmesan and mozzarella cheese. The treats were inspired by Chicken Parmesan!

When you buy these treats they come vacuum sealed to preserve freshness and come with a cute note telling you everything you need to know about these healthy hearts!


I recieved the sample size containing 6 treats which can be found HERE and only costs $0.25

The full size treats is 5 oz. and can be found HERE for $5.00

Again, these are made to order and will ship to you withing 1-2 days and are extremely FRESH! They’re about 1 inch in diameter and 1/4 inch thick.

Her Etsy can be found HERE
She also has a great blog found HERE SEE HER DOGGIE PICS THERE TOO he is too cute!
And can also be found on facebook HERE

My 3 musketeer GSD furbabies give these 2 paws up!

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