Little Passports {what I think}

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Little Passports {what I think}

Hello lovely readers! Today I’d like to talk about Little Passports which is an educational monthly subscription box for your kiddos! Once a month they receive a box that will take them to another state or country depending on the package subscription chosen. Both packages which can be seen below contain multiple activities along with fun assignments that actually teach your children in a fun and exciting way. They will look forward to this box even though it’s in a way added homework to compliment their schooling! I’m certain this box can only help children in school while allowing them to have fun doing it!

2 Different packages:
World Edition: Join Sam and Sofia as they travel to a new country every month
USA Edition: Travel with Sam and Sofia as they visit two new states every month


Here’s what we got:
*Cute folder w snap
*A letter from Sam and Sophia which are your cartoon guides
*A map of the United States
*United States Field Guide Notebook
*USA Scratch book
*Little Passports disposable camera for use in Field Guide


With Little Passports you can also refer your friends. Give $10 and get $10. You get $10 off for each friend that signs up for a subscription and your friends get an exclusive $10 discount!

Info about Little Passports:
Little passports was started by two moms wanting to design an inspiring and fun way for kids to learn about other countries and the 50 states. They combined the excitement kids feel when they receive mail with monthly travel packages, including letters, souvenirs, activities and online games. In the end they’re helping to
keep learning fun!

{what I think: Everything included has an educational purpose, nicely packaged, and great quality! The boxes are made with a child’s imagination in mind and has exceeded my expectations.}

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