Little seedlings and My new OBSESSION!

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Little seedlings and My new OBSESSION!

I am extremely giddy today! My little habanero plants that I posted about HERE are starting to pop through the soil! I noticed a little green bit of something yesterday

… then today I saw this

That little guy seems to be ahead of everyone, but i saw a dot of green in one of the other jars… eeeek! Our mouths will be on fire in no time… that’s a good thing haha we love peppers!

Yesterday was a pretty crazy day for me, I posted late so be sure to check out my review on Edward & Sons. I also received two packages from giveaways I had won! I cant stress the importance of daily tweets with giveaways, its gotten me crazy lucky lately!

My first package was EcoSmart Pesticide products which I won from Just Another New Blog. I was hoping I’d win these since theyre a safe option around kids!

I got:
* weed and grass killer

* Insect killer

*wasp and hornet killer

*bug repellant

The second thing I got I have been stoked about, I’ve wanted once since I first saw them advertised but entered a few giveaways and never won. I won it from Jewels and Treasures and it was on my Amazon wish list but I kept over looking buying it because I thought it was pricey at $100 + for the packs I was iffy on if I wanted to spend that. But, having used it, I think its worth every penny! These things are nuts! The Soda Stream Machine is one of those neat gadgets I think are worth looking into! The price you pay is nothing compared to what you will save in the long run… its reusable, afordable, low calorie, healthier, and good for the environment. HUBBY AND I will no longer be buying store bought soda! EVER AGAIN! Seriously… this thing is nuts!

I got the Fountain Jet which is around $99 the black and silver (mine was free 😀 LOVE giveaways!)

got 3 flavors… $6.99, $5.99, $4.99 (FREE this time but not a bad price if only a cap full makes a litter!)

And they sent me a sampler of all their flavors and 3 flavors for flavored water… $9.99, $9.99 (FREE this time, I’ll probably buy a sampler again for parties totally worth it)

Using your own home carbonation system means:

* Less packaging waste from cans and bottles.
* Less pollution caused by transport of bottled beverages.

One SodaStream carbonator makes 60 or 110 liters, equivalent to 170 or 310 aluminum cans! When empty, the carbonator is refilled and reused, ready to make more fizzy and tasty soda whenever you want it. Learn more about Soda Stream being Environmentally Friendly

I made root beer last night and the energy flavor which tastes just like RED BULL to me! Hubby is hooked now too haha!

Last thing I’ll post about it lol, I love it haha can you tell… is a video so you can see just how INSANELY EASY it is!

Well I have a full day of cleaning ahead of me and probably going to bust out my eco friendly pesticides since ants have decided to invade my house… TTFN <3 my readers!

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