Lulu’s Upcycling Lounge Review and Giveaway

Lulu’s Upcycling Lounge Review and Giveaway

Lulu’s Upcycling Lounge is a new company created by Lulu who strives to use second hand items whether they be from thrift stores, or something lying around her house in attempts to make an artful recreation from something which may have ended up in the trash. I think its remarkable that she sees beauty in every day common items that most of us would ordinarily overlook. Lulu is a self taught artist (yes artist is the right word), she learned to sew on a whim and was taught to crochet from books and “how-to” videos, and after having a pile up of finished crafts she decided to create Lulu’s Upcycling Lounge! I am glad she did, I instantly fell in love with most of her items especially the head bands and brooches.

Upcycling by definition from the well known Wikipedia: Upcycling is the process of converting waste materials or useless products into new materials or products of better quality or a higher environmental value.

I adore recycling and upcycling and think that she sees the best in every material that crosses her path, her items are mostly made of recycled materials and are laundered, come from smoke free environments (VERY IMPORTANT IN MY HOME), and pet free environments, so those with animal allergies you have nothing to worry about! They indeed look store bought and she is a complete professional when it comes to the quality of the items you buy from her site!

In her about me section on her website she says it perfectly: “Second-hand goods are just as nice (if not better) than newly purchased ones!!”

I was sent Pink Silk Necktie Headband to review (picture below on left is from her website)

I actually first wore it out to dinner one night with a few friends, wore pink and blue, and felt completely geeked lol. The waitress commented on it and I was able to tell her all about Lulu’s Upcycling Lounge right then and there. Wearing the incredibly cute headband and knowing it was an upcycled item completely made my night!

Lulu has a wide range of adorable items, brooches, head bands, hats, necklaces, bags, scarfs, fabric gift wrapping, and one other thing that I cant wait to get for Seth when he’s old enough to use them, crayons! Not just regular crayons either, Lulu created cute shaped crayons from worn down pieces of old crayons!

Giveaway Details: Lulu will be doing a giveaway for my readers, one person will win a $25 gift certificate towards an item in her store! You must do the required entry to be entered into the giveaway, you can do as many extra entries as you like, the more you have, the more your chances of winning and the better we’re able to spread the word about her website!

BUY: If you wish to purchase any of the talked about items or stroll though and see her artful creations click here to go to her site: Lulu’s Upcycling Lounge

MANDATORY ENTRY:Go to Lulu’s Upcycling Lounge and come back to comment on your favorite item, I know you’ll find one, maybe more!

Each must be done in a separate comment!

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GIVEAWAY DATES: 5/6 – 5/24


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