Mantry… modern man’s pantry (what hubby & I think)

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Mantry… modern man’s pantry (what hubby & I think)

My hubby is pretty involved with me blogging and my greatest supporter, when the opportunity came to review a monthly subscription box geared towards men I jumped on it!

Mantry (the modern man’s pantry) is a Food-Of-The-Month club that helps you discover American Artisan Food & what to do with it. This description peaked my interest! So we received a box in the mail and inside was a crate. I had read about them on their website (crate handmade in Brooklyn) I expected a crate lol but when it got here I felt like we got delivered a care package of awesomeness! If your a crafter like me getting a crate of this quality makes ideas pop into your head like crazy. That’s it I was in love with the packaging!

the crate

My hubby (very excited) pulled open the crate to discover very nicely wrapped items and a card with information about all the products included, where they came from, and how to use them! Now my hubby isn’t in the kitchen much, mostly because he gets frustrated not knowing what he wants to do with everything in there… this card pretty much tells you how you can use everything in the box and he seemed to love that.

The box we got to try out happened to be the 1 year anniversary box of Mantry so I think we got to try a pretty spiffy box!

image (5)

This crate’s theme was Craft Beer Belly which just so happens to be a subject that is much favored in our home as the hubby and I are craft beer fanatics! We were already stoked to try everything in the box! Then came my big surprise, everything in the box is sourced from around the US (each box from different states and areas) and all products are made with the highest quality, include a trace of craft beer and are NOT packed with preservatives and as Mantry says “No chemical crap”!

image (10)

What was inside?

*Beer Flats Crackers from Cincinnati, OH
*P&H Soda Co. Sarsaparilla Syrup from Brooklyn, NY
*Liddabit Sweet Beer & Pretzel Caramels Brooklyn, NY
*Anarchy In A Jar Spiced Beer Jelly from Brooklyn, NY
*SlantShack Jerky Bronx Pale Ale Beef Jerky from New York, NY
*Broadbent’s Dry Cured Peppered Bacon from Kuttawa, KY

image (11)

There are few things that make a man so happy as when he sees bacon. As far as hubby is concerned the bacon in the crate was pretty much the best thing ever. I myself have never tasted bacon like that and I was pretty much mind blown when hubby made a bacon cheeseburger for dinner that night! The bacon totally made the burger and I felt like we’d gone to a fancy gourmet burger place!


We also tried some of the bacon for breakfast and it went great paired with some eggs and pancakes the next morning! My personal favorite were the beer & pretzel caramels, I haven’t tasted caramels that tasty since I was a kid and they were homemade! Salty and sweet is really the best combo with these caramels and they’re huge! I absolutely adored every aspect of these caramels!


The Sarsaparilla Syrup was suggested to be paired with ice cream and an ounce of Bourbon for the grown up version of the coke float, we were blown away by the flavor and that was pretty much the best float ever. The Beer Flats Crackers are suggested to be used with smoked salmon and mustard sauce. We happen to be smoked salmon people here too and these crackers did in fact go awesome with it. I actually loved that the crackers were such a high quality and weren’t flimsy.


The beer spiced jelly was ridiculously tasty! We tried it as suggested on a beer flats cracker with cheddar and in a grown up version of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Hubby has his favorite pb&j combo now and I’m fond of it on the beer flats.

Lastly but certainly not least was the Bronx Pale Ale Beef Jerky, I got to taste one piece of this and returned to try another finding that my hubby had devoured the entire bag in a sitting. Needless to say the stuff was pretty darn tasty and it made me happy as it is made using sustainably raised grass-fed beef! From what I got to try I loved it, hubby wants me to order more.

two jell

This monthly subscription box crate was a big hit with both myself and hubby and I honestly think it’s one of the best subscription boxes geared towards men out there! If your wondering about signing up with Mantry here’s the info you should know:

*Mantry is a monthly subscription service
*Mantry is a Food of the month box with different items in each box monthly
*The products included are from Artisan makers
*Always expect to receive 5-6 full size items in each crate
*Mantry crates typically ship out on the 21st of each month
*$75 per month (worth every dollar!)
*Recipes for previous and current boxes can be found here.

You can sign up and purchase Mantry on their official website HERE CLICK ME HERE!!!!

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Disclosure: Cricket’s Daily Fix did not receive compensation for this review. However a free product was provided for trial and review above. Please see full disclosure HERE.


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