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Mighty Leaf Tea

I’ve fallen in love with yet another tea… o dear, my tea cubbord shall be over flowing again. I just recently got into my new apartment and weeded threw my tea’s throwing out any that had been stored a little too long, and thought ooooo now I have room for MORE tea!

In December, I celebrated my 24th birthday and one of my friends gave me a gift basket filled with samples of organic items. That gift made me giddy! But, it’s actually taken me a LONG time to try everything in the basket. I have fallen in love with a few brands along the way to trying everything she gave me and have been trying to track them down in stores to buy full size items. With some I have had luck, with others I have just gone online to find and purchase them.

One of the things I got to try that I absolutely love and cant seem to narrow down which ones I will be buying off the site is the Chamomile Citrus herbal tea. Its made with Egyptian chamomile flowers and subtle slices of citrus fruit and you can see every little piec of fruit in the awesome pretty large pouches!

I’ve never actually seen a tea like these before and as spiffy as the pouches look, the taste is even spiffier!

A neat fact about their tea pouches is that they are made with 100% unbleeched cotton, no glue or staples are used to seal the pouches, and they are also completely biodegradable! The neat little label also indicates how long to brew the tea and what the cafeine level of the tea is!

They have a pretty nice selection of tea pouches and a sampler pack too! I think the prices are pretty fairly priced considering the quality of the tea as well, you can find some of the teas HERE. Go check them out!

I’m gonna have another cup when I get home in my favorite Starbucks mug lol by the way no I didnt get product samples from them to review so I’m not mixing brands here just letting you know that this tea rocks and you should try it!

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