My Giveaway Pointers

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My Giveaway Pointers

I started entering giveaway’s a wile back, and I was frustrated when I’d take the time to enter and get nothing out of it. So then I came up with a system.

Things I look for before entering a giveaway:

*How many entries?

*Form of entry?

*Are tweets allowed if so, how many daily?

*How many forms of entry? How many winners?

*Do I really want the item in the giveaway?

First off, I learned early on that if I honestly don’t want the item in the giveaway so bad that taking the time to enter seems like a good use of my time, I usually wont enter it. Now, after deciding I NEED TO HAVE the item being given, I know it’s bad, but, I click that link and scroll strait to the bottom to see how many comments are listed. If I absolutely adore the item I will enter no matter how many I see listed, BUT if it’s just a so so item I usually wont enter anything above 60 comments. I’ve noticed my chances of winning early on in a giveaway start decreasing after 60 no matter how long it will run. Following blogs by email however, eliminates most of these issues if you enter ASAP!

I myself usually wont enter a blog giveaway if the entry form is other than blog comments and they are hidden from the public eye. Yes I know they do that so people like me will enter but if you have a good product in your giveaway chances are people will enter no matter how many entries you have listed.

Another BIGGIE with me, if I dont see twitter as an extra entry, I usually wont enter, again, unless I NEED TO HAVE IT! Why? Twitter is a great tool with giveaways, not only does it allow you extra entries in a giveaway and better chances to win BUT it allows you to help spread the word to others about the giveaway getting the blog more views as well. I LOVE blogs that allow 1 entry a day by tweets and SIMPLY ADORE the one’s that allow up to 3x tweets. Think about it, with these your chances of winning go UP and if you catch it early on, and tweet daily you may just WIN! Also, if there is multiple winner’s I’ll usually enter no matter how bad I want it lol.

Lastly, if there is only one form of entry I usually wont bother even if I really want it…I’m not one to play at that big of a chance game.

SO… all this aside, I hope you guys enter my giveaways on my blog currently I have my Homemade Spa Giveaway with 4 winners and I’ll be posting more soon. But until then here is a site with great giveaways: PRIZEY My giveaway is an Etitor’s pic on there and there are tons I’ve won from here!

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