Naked Binder Woodie

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Naked Binder Woodie

This is NOT a naughty post haha!

Let’s talk about this wooden binder! So in love!

If you love all things wooden, if your eco friendly or crunchy or whatever the case may be this binder rocks! I happen to be a fan of wood, I love wooden floors, I love wood everything. I get sad when someone paints over wood, I’d much rather see wood stained or naked as these binders call it than ever painted. I love the look, the smell, it’s beautiful. This company took that idea, the love for wood and how it looks in it’s rawest form and made binders! They are super sturdy, they look amazing, they are a great conversational piece, they wont bend or break on you, they have very sturdy ring inside and it makes you get creative with labeling.

For instance, you could write on them, but this is wood…why not do something more?! These binders could make whatever you are using them for look more elegant, or just show you like wood.




I needed a cool place to keep all my essential oil info, recipes and I didn’t want to just settle for any binder. I thought this binder was perfect! I decided to use my cricut to make a little vinyl sticker to apply to the top and side so that if I ever decide to change up it’s use in the future I can easily peel it off! The other I used to show all my different crochet creations in the event of me wanting to sell crochet again! I think these binders fit my personality amazingly and the thought that went into these binders is totally appreciated!


Made from FSC certified 100% post consumer waste binders board and wood. For each binder, we plant a tree and the mill plants 10-15 trees for every log! 100% recyclable (or recycle the rings and compost the binder)

Reminiscent of wooden surfboards and wood panel cars, the Woodie is a 3 ring binder with panache. We craft these with real Birch or Cherry wood over our core of 100% post consumer waste binders board (a strong paperboard).

Sizing Your 3-ring Binder

How do you measure a ring size?

The flat side of a D-ring is part you measure when figuring out ring size. If you are currently using a round ring, you measure the diameter from top to bottom.

How many sheets it holds is only one way to measure your binder. Sometimes it is nice to know the actual dimensions.

Naked Binders are configured to hold 8.5″ x 11″ paper (US standard paper) and tabs.

Binder Dimensions

1″ D-ring Binder

Spine 1-3/4″

Height 11-5/8″

Width 11-3/16″
1.5″ D-ring Binder

Spine 2-3/8″

Height 11-5/8″

Width 11-3/8″

Can come with a metal label holder!

If your interested in purchasing your own check out NAKED BINDER CLICK HERE!!

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