Nikkidesigns Organic Napkin Review (Etsy)

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Nikkidesigns Organic Napkin Review (Etsy)

Today I want to talk about Nikkidesigns on Etsy!

My name is Nikki MacCallum. My mother taught me how to sew when I was 12, and I have been designing and sewing ever since! READ MORE ABOUT NIKKI

She can also be found here:
Sewing by Nikki
Nikkidesigns on Facebook
Her twitter here
Her Blog You can find interior decorating tips and ideas, fabric info and more here.

Nikkidesigns on Etsy is full of eco friendly organic products! She has hand crafted table linens, bedding, roman blinds, bags and purses and so much more! I love that her products are ORGANIC and they have an elegant look to them! Within 2-3 weeks she’ll also do custom orders where you can pick your syle, color, fabric preference and have it completely personalized!

She’s currently having a spring promotion, open to all my customers and facebook fans – spend $100 during April and May and receive a free set of 4 hemp/cotton napkins!

I was sent some organic hemp and cotton napkins to review and these are amazing! Not only are they durable but they’re beautiful! I love that having cloth napkins eliminates the use of paper napkins making you that much more eco friendly! I recently used these wile having a fun homemade sushi night with my hubby and it made our dinner feel a tad more fancy haha! These can be found HERE


Of course, half the fun of cloth napkins is folding them in cute ways! Here is how we used them for our dinner!



On her Etsy she states that she stands behind the quality of her work, and I believe it! You should seriously take some time to check her out! I’m quite sure you wont be able to choose one favorite thing however! Click it: Nikkidesigns

Also, another neat tid bit of info, all orders over $75 receive a free hemp/cotton eye pillow, filled with flax and lavender from her garden! These pillows are great for sore muscles, or soothing a headache.

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