Oogave Certified Organic Soda {what I think}

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Oogave Certified Organic Soda {what I think}

If there is a healthier option for soda without all the insane amounts of sugar and artificial flavoring… then there’s a way to enjoy a carbonated beverage without feeling bad about drinking one! I introduce you to Oogave Certified Organic Sodas, and am pleased that flavor was not compromised to ensure a healthier option!


These sodas are made from the Agave plant, are organic, natural, and made with socially and environmentally forward-thinking choices. There are a few options when looking into Oogave Sodas:

Oogavé (7 flavors)
100 calories per bottle * Certified Organic
No preservatives * No corn syrup
No GMO products * No caffeine * Low-glycemic

LOCA – the newest member to the family, 10-calorie soda! 3 flavors which probably rock and they even give you ways to burn those 10 calories drink it and loose it here!

cola two

The Oogavé Colas I tried:

    • cola-tag

This is the closest to coca cola I’ve ever tried. It’s actually way better in my opinion and I’ve tried a few healthy soda options. It’s flavored naturally so has way less sugar but that doesn’t mean your left with a diet cola flavor. Your getting a full flavor with this soda that can be compared to any soda on the market with artificial flavors and corn syrup only this option is 100% more healthy!

    • vanilla-tag

This flavor blew my mind! The moment I opened it I was hit with a strong aroma of vanilla cake with a sweet frosting smell. It literally smelled like a fresh baked cake was sitting in front of me. I’m not sure if that was the intent but wow I loved it, the flavor is a sweet vanilla that is NOT over powering at all! This was my favorite!!

    • ginger-tag

This soda surprised me! I’ve had a lot of ginger ale in my life but never one that actually tasted like ginger! This would have come in handy while I was pregnant to help with my nausea I’ll be spreading the word about it for that! If your not a real ginger fan this would probably not be for you, I however adore ginger!

    • grapefruit-tag

This is another favorite! It was perfect, crisp, slight citrus smooth flavor and the perfect amount of sweet!

    • lime-tag

This soda tasted like a sprite mixed with a cream soda flavor I think that’s the best way I can describe it. I’d totally replace any other citrus soda with this!

    • root-beer-tag

Hands down best Root Beer I’ve ever had! My hubby and I split this one as we are both avid root beer fans. We both agree this is the best we’ve both had and after drinking it I wished I had tried it as a root beer float! Will be purchasing this for floats!!!

    • strawberry-tag

If you could cram a pie into a bottle it’d taste like this. A sweet but perfect strawberry creamy flavor!

    • watermellon-tag

Not going to lie I hate watermelon flavored things, I’m fond of real watermelon but anything flavored like it is a bit on the not so awesome side to me. However, I liked this one, it was refreshing and not over powering and of course did not taste fake!

Oogave has a pretty helpful and informative blog I think everyone should check out as well Read HERE.

Oogave also runs a monthly giveaway which you can sign up for here.

All the Oogave sodas can be purchased online at Thirst Monger click below to purchase now!


Disclosure: Cricket’s Daily Fix did not receive compensation for this review. However a free product was provided for trial and review above. Please see full disclosure HERE.


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