Our Stroller has cup holders now!

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Our Stroller has cup holders now!

Am I the only person that needs more storage on their stroller like…all the time? Or a cup holder? I love my stroller, I adore it, but I need more space for stuff and cup holders for my kiddos and their drinks. I got to try out an amazing product and now…we’ve got cup holders and so much more!

So this comes with the organizer and two hooks. We put the organizer towards the bottom of our stroller and the hooks near the top. Often times we go out, our two older boys have backpacks they fill with whatever they want to take with them while out and snacks for each of them in the event of them being hungry while out and about. We found that these hooks were pretty perfect for their backpacks.

While out shopping a few bags did not fit in our cart once the groceries were bagged and we also tried the hooks out with the weight of grocery bags filled with food. These things had absolutely no issues at all with the weight. We made sure the stroller would not tip by the way.

I was able to put a sippy cup, a baby bottle, baby items and my phone in the organizer as it gives a good number of compartments and space!






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