Phytopia Essential Oil for Weight Loss and Appetite Control

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Phytopia Essential Oil for Weight Loss and Appetite Control

UPDATE:Company contacted me over the quality, farming of oils and the reasoning behind the website being down. I feel satisfied with their answers and a technical glitch isn’t a reason to dock a company! Loving these oils and glad to share them with you!

Same info starts here

Hey guys introducing you to another essential oil company, I will be posting about 3 of their oils. Please check out the other two here: HERE AND HERE.

Phytopia, what is it, if you’ve never heard of them, why should you use them? I’m pretty skeptical of essential oil companies, but at the same time I enjoy finding new companies that sell them, enjoy finding new blends and adore essential oils themselves. Unfortunately either due to this being a new company or a site malfunction, the site that is listed on the bottle as their official website is not currently available. I emailed the company about this and asked where oils were sourced or farmed and if they were tested for purity…I have not gotten an answer back. If I do, I will revise these posts but as of now I can only tell you about the ingredients as listed, the smell, look of packaging and if any positive or ill effects come from the use of these oils. I’m going out on a limb here because I rarely review with so little information provided but here we go!

First things first I have to give this company props on the packaging of these oils. They came double bubble wrapped and super tight, I could have tossed them against the wall (I didn’t) and they would have been fine with all this fine bubbly protection. Good job!


Now onto the packaging, I am assuming it is fine to use this same info for all three oils as it is basically all the same up until this point. Once you get all the bubbly protection off, the oils all come in a very pretty, very soft, great quality velvet like bag with a silver tie on it. I actually really like the bags and will probably reuse them for something here or there. The bottles are the dark brown type which are good for essential oils, the labels are basic but have good info on them.

About this oil:

PROMOTES HEALTHY METABOLISM: SlimWay contains grapefruit essential oil, which can kick start your metabolism and improve your diet to get that slimmer body you desire! Simply massaging SlimWay on your skin can passively eliminate fat and excess water helping your body metabolize faster. This improves your overall quality of life both in the short- and long-term as it affects your weight, energy, digestion and even your mood.

HELPS WITH WEIGHT LOSS: SlimWay’s Grapefruit Essential Oil Blend can curb your appetite and suppress overeating which helps with weight management.

CLEANSE AND TONE SKIN: SlimWay can effectively tone and clean away impurities left on the skin so your body is smoother to the touch. We wanted you to get the complete experience so our blended essential oil includes aesthetic capabilities as well.

ELEVATES YOUR MOOD: SlimWay can be used to boost your mood, as it has both energizing and revitalizing properties. Even just breathing in SlimWay can lift your senses and kick you into high gear again.

100% ORGANIC AND THERAPEUTIC GRADE: At Phytopia, when it comes to the quality of our products, we don’t mess around. We only use top-grade organic and therapeutic essential and carrier oils to create the perfect blend so that your skin can safely absorb the benefits of SlimWay without any unwanted reactions.

slim away one

slim away two

slim away three

slim aay four

This oil is a mix of carrier oils and essential oils and I have to say I really really like this one. I’ve discovered I have a stress binge eating issue. I’m normally chill, seriously that’s the best way to describe me but there are things that can stress me out, instead of screaming at anyone, or going postal I usually eat. I’ve had a hard day, I’ll slip and eat, and it was happening a lot lately with the preparation for Seth’s autism therapy taking place in our home…all of a sudden tons of people in my house to help him and I am dealing with a world of change. Insert stress eating here. Ok, so I’ve taken over my stress eating much more especially in the last week. I have tried things that will help get rid of water weight or work for a bit then ware off but this is getting increasingly better. So much so that I have lost 10 lbs just by cutting down on my stressful binge eating cravings. I’ve put this on one to two times daily and the scent seriously helps with food cravings. This is the oil I was most skeptical of because I have a food issue…seriously I do, we are healthy, and we eat organic but even then, too much of a good thing can still make you fat. I’m going good, holding on strong and I have to give this oil some credit where it’s due as I’ve had multiple occasions in the last week especially where I could have fallen off the no stress eating wagon and gained back those lbs. I’m thankful for this review and I’d recommend this oil the most of the three from this company!


Disclosure: Cricket’s Daily Fix did not receive compensation for this review. However a free product was provided for trial and review above. Please see full disclosure HERE.


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