Post-natal Recovery and Support Belly Band

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Post-natal Recovery and Support Belly Band

So, in my hometown and in my culture everyone is pretty big on belly bands right after pregnancy or to aid in weight loss. They say it helps you retrain your belly muscles and helps with all that chub chub… and you know it also helps with your feeling less horrible about yourself in your most vulnerable body hating times. It really is important to get a quality band though, if you plan to be wearing this right after pregnancy your belly feels terrible at it is you don’t need any added rough material or uncomfortableness on you to make your days worse.

I love the design on this belly band because it is the main band which you wrap around then there are two bands on each side which you use to fasten it down, or tighten it. I can see this used after pregnancy, or as a regular weight loss belt even if you haven’t gone through pregnancy.

Product info:

– 12% Polyester, 48% Nylon, 20% Bamboo Charcoal, 20% Rubber
– Wear right after birth. Can be used straight after birth to first help with uterus and pelvis recovery, then used to tighten the abdominal area as well as back support, as you will be bending down constantly to pick up your baby. Perfectly safe for both natural and c-section. Wide enough to be a corset, soft enough to be a wrap and strong enough to give you back support.
– Triple Compression. Easy to use 3 step fastening feels secure and comfortably tight. Two extra compression belts to reinforce key recovery areas, giving you an immediate waist line.
– Comfortably tight. You can wear it all day, everyday, even during sleep. Designed to bend, twist and move with your body and won’t ride up, ever.
– Incredibly stretchy. Breathable Bamboo fibres form a rigid yet flexible material enabling easy, natural movements. Accelerate recovery with added infer-red to improve blood circulation.
– High quality, durable construction that will maintain its shape, wash after wash.

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I wore this for a few days to get a feel for how it worked, the way it felt and to see if I would get any irritation while out and about doing things in normal every day life. I did not in fact have any issues with it at all from putting it on to wearing it out and about. I had no irritation from it being directly on my skin either even thought I usually wore it on top of an under shirt…if you do not like wearing under shirts I’m pretty sure you can wear this without and not have any issues with it rubbing up on you weird. I also love that this seems to not show up under your shirt, it lays flat against you and is not bulky or bumpy and it is not clearly visible to others that your wearing a belly band. I have used brands that make it look like I have 10 layers on under my shirt and it’s not only uncomfortable, bulky and looks bad but that’s kinda embarrassing.

All in all this thing is a really nice, comfortable, and functional belly band!


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