Preggie Pop Review & Giveaway

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Preggie Pop Review & Giveaway

If you’ve been pregnant you’ve probably experienced morning sickness at least once, if not YOU ARE LUCKY! My first pregnancy I had a smooth awesome pregnancy, a few times sick mostly just tired, but pretty much a great pregnancy, as for this pregnancy, it is kicking my butt to say the least. I have had morning sickness, or as I like to say ALL DAY sickness non stop! Being pregnant rocks, being sick does not! Everyone’s pregnancy is different and some are the picture perfect idea of pregnancy wile others are not as planned. Looking at statistics I’m hoping this pregnancy is one of the ones in which the first trimester is the hardest on morning sickness but if I’m in that sliver of all through the pregnancy sickness then I’ve run into a product that can help me and any other very sick soon to be mommies out there!

I had heard mention of natural remedies for morning sickness and now was the time to try them out.

Preggie Pops by Three Lollies are relief in a sweet little bite sized candy, I was not certain if this nifty candy could help me out with my all day sickness problem but it did not let me down! As a matter of fact, I’ve successfully not had to take the nausea medication given to me, I’m not one to pump myself up with pills and being pregnant I become paranoid with anything going in my system I don’t want in my unborn child’s system!

So what is a Preggie Pop?

The Preggie Pop Drops Plus as pictured above (I LOVE THEM), are sour fruit flavored lozenges which contain 10mg of Vitamin B6

Dried Cane Syrup, Corn Syrup, Citric Acid, Natural Flavors (made with essential oils) and Natural Colors.
Contains 10mg Vitamin B6

This is why they’re awesome:
*All Natural
*Drug Free
*Contains 10mg Vitamin B6
*Recommended by Healthcare Professionals
VERY affordable price of $3.95

They’re also recommended for your labor bag to help with dry mouth and provide a nice energy boost, they will be packed in mine when the time comes!

Guess what, you can get Organic Preggie Pops too!

Dried Cane Syrup, Brown Rice Syrup,Citric Acid, Natural Flavors (made with essential oils) and Natural Colors (alfalfa, red beet and tumeric).

I’ve seriously had great success with Preggie Pops and recommend them to anyone and everyone suffering from the not so great side effect of pregnancy!!!

If your curious to try these awesome candies that will save you from hugging your toilet as you experience the not so awesome morning sickness here is your chance, Three Lollies is going to give 3 of my readers their own Preggie Pops to try!

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Try out the awesome Preggie Pops or one of Three Lollie’s other pops VISIT THEM NOW TO BUY!

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