Pretty Pop Tops Earings and Necklace Giveaway

Pretty Pop Tops Earings and Necklace Giveaway

In light of my new adventures into roller derby and my themed giveaways I introduce you to PrettyPopTops Etsy shop run by Michelle a wonderfully devoted stay at home mom to two little girls with an eye for handmade creativity!

She first began making jewelry when her oldest was in the Nutcraker, which by the way is one of my all time favorite ballets ever! She donated 50 bottle cap chokers which sold for $15 each ($10 on Etsy) and they were sold out in 4 performances!!

click any photo to see it’s info on her shop

Her bottle cap works are colorful and can be easily customizable with her versitile digital art that is not limmited to bottle caps but personalized water labels, invitations and party packs which could turn a little one’s birthday party into a big hit! Although most of her bottle cap necklaces and earings are aimed at younger audiences the roller skate caught my eye and she does have some pieces meant for us adults!

As said above she is completely willing to customize and create anything for you in her shop as she did for my Roller derby choker with the Roller League’s logo on it! She is also starting more digital work, I for one am anxious to see her new developments!

Michelle is an Etsy seller commited to making you happy and helping you bring your ideas to life! Lets help spread the word about her shop and her cute creations to keep her doing what she does best, taking snap shots of your imagination and making them wearable art!

PrettyPopTops (Michelle’s Etsy Shop) is going to give away a set of cute original roller skate bottle cap earings and an original roller skate bottle cap necklace! Thats two prizes for two winners all we have to do is help spread the word about her shop and hopefully I can make you fall in love with her creations as well!



GIVEAWAY RULES: Mandatory entry must be completed, any additoinal entries are optional and you can complete as many or as few as you would like but keep in mind the more you do the greater your chances of winning and the greater our chance to spread the word about PrettyPopTops on Etsy!

MANDATORY ENTRY: Visit PrettyPopTops and tell me which OTHER item from her store you would LOVE to own!

EXTRA ENTRIES: Please comment after doing each one for your extra entry!

* Buy something from PrettyPopTops and comment back letting me know what it was! She offers free shipping

* Easy entry answer this question “what ballet was Michelle’s daughter in?”

* Message Michelle for a custom order from his shop (worth 3 entries)

* If you have an Etsy account add PrettyPopTops to your favorites

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