Proven solution for fuller hair Lipogaine

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Proven solution for fuller hair Lipogaine

***A bit of a disclaimer as we begin this blog. This product is intended for use on men only, reviewing this item with hubby using product and telling his thoughts on the product while also telling you about the product to the best of my knowledge!***

Natural herbal extracts and clinical proven ingredients are combined in LIpogaine to create an effective hair loss prevention and hair regrowth formula! This is your holistic approach to fuller hair if your a man that’s interested in hair regrowth without unknown chemicals or if your a gal looking for a product for your man that’s a natural alternative to something he may already be using. Vitamins, minoxidil, and biotin are mixed with proprietary natural DHT blockers to get that hair regrowth going.

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Hubby’s words:
The product takes a few minutes to dry but there is no itch or anything bothersome. The smell isn’t terrible which is surprising as he was expecting a stronger smell from it. He said it was easy to apply daily and it became a part of his routine.

His results

Now, my husband has one thick full head of hair, he has no issues in that department, however he has zilch for facial hair. No idea why, but he’s had issues growing facial hair for a long time! This might be awesome to some but not to him so seeing as we had seen this has been used by others to help with beard growth as well he tried it out! He went from baby face to having a good bit of hair growth over his lip, some areas more than others but he’s continuing to use the product! These results are enough to have him wanting to keep using it!

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Disclosure: Cricket’s Daily Fix did not receive compensation for this review. However a free product was provided for trial and review above. Please see full disclosure HERE.


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