Real Soap Winner and my Shape Ups!

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Real Soap Winner and my Shape Ups!

Okie dokie catching up on a giveaway.

My giveaway for the Real Soap and Good Rags ended a wile back, but I finally got to choosing a winner!

Winning comment: #24

Lisa L says: I learned that hemp requires no herbicides or pesticides to grow

Yay I’ll contact you ASAP and get your info out!

I’m starting to feel better now that I’m catching up!

Updates with me:

I bought Shape Up Shoes!

My question when I wanted them (before getting them) was if they actually worked or if it was all a big scam…
No one had an answer for me…
So James got me some… SPIFFY ones, lol and I’m gonna let you know as I go with them if they in fact do work.

This has been my 3rd day on them and as of right now my calves are sore from just daily task walking. I haven’t yet incorporated long walks into my day. The second day on them my butt and whole back side of my legs hurt like I had been doing sprints all day.

So far, it seems to me that they are doing what they advertise!

I also came to the realization that if I wanted to get back to pre baby awesomeness I needed to get on the ball and look in the mirror and confront the fact that I’m far from it.

OR… look at a family picture or two at the beach and realize I was one of the biggest in the group :'(

To be fair to myself, I gained like ten lbs eating out non stop wile we were stuck between moving for two or three weeks but still, I had let myself slip pretty bad. Sad that it took a picture to give me a wake up call.

I’ve actually lost a few lbs already since this and I intend to keep at it because these pictures honestly scared me.

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