Rose Cup (wow this thing is awesome)

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Rose Cup (wow this thing is awesome)


Warning this post is going to talk about a period (female kind not the kind at the end of a sentence), if for some reason you can’t handle that kinda subject might want to not read any further. No crazy details included but regular talk and info on the subject of the Rose Cup.

Not very often can I say a review opportunity changed my life. I’ll find things I like or love, I’ll purchase them again, they may make my life nicer or easier but this product, has without a doubt changed my life. I will never again use a pad or a tampon. I have changed the way I view periods with one product and I wish so badly I had tried something like this before.




So, what is the Rose Cup first off?

This is a reusable menstrual cup made of medical grade silicone. It comes in 2 sizes, small and large, the size you need is determined by one of two things. Small is meant for anyone under 30 or anyone who has not had children and large is meant for anyone over 30 or anyone who has already had children. The silicone is soft and flexible and the cup can easily be squished up in your hand, it isn’t hard or firm which was a fear of mine. The design has a few ridges on it and the stem that sticks down has a few ridges on it as well. Reasons for using a menstrual cup are either that you want to stop having to buy tampons and pads due to being tired of buying them or you want a healthier alternative since tampons and pads contain chemicals that can cause serious health issues.

Note this:

Please keep in mind when trying anything new that just because it is new doesn’t make it bad and not everything is ready set go! People often give up on a good thing because it isn’t perfect IMMEDIATELY. Keep in mind all of our amazing bodies are not identical inside and out so the cups that come in two sizes need to be worked with a bit and might need to be modified before they work nicely. This does not mean they do not work or do not get the job done, this means that this product needs to be studied and made to work. If you take the time the benefits far outweigh the down falls.

Another thing, please do not discredit a product due to lack of knowledge of your own bodies anatomy. I started reading blog posts about these type of cups when I got mine to review and was surprised to find that some women discontinued using them because they thought it would get lost or go up too far… this is not possible… like at all. It will NOT just vanish in there.


Problems with these cups:

PROBLEM: They get stuck in a small percentage of women.
ANSWER: Yep they can and will in some. The answer to this problem is NOT pulling on the little string like stem. The issue is the cup goes in and creates a bit of a suction seal, this is great because it prevents leaks and is doing it’s job. You want it out now and are starting to freak out. Don’t freak out! You do not pull that little stem, you reach up past it, yes that might be a little awkward at first but you will be ok. Pinch the bottom of the cup firmly and pull downward it’ll make the seal break and it comes down!

It leaks in some people.
ANSWER: You might not have gotten it to create the seal or made sure it pops open inside. The company suggests rotating the cup a bit to make the seal. Rotating it also makes sure it pops open all the way!

PROBLEM: Some women feel it even if inserted correctly.
ANSWER: The cup can be used by anyone but like I said in some cases it may need to be tweaked. Cut the little stem down in increments until comfortable. You might have to cut it off entirely. If inserted properly and the little stem part being at the right length or removed, you WILL NOT FEEL the cup at all.



My Experience

Ok so the directions said either fold he top of the cup to form a C and insert or push the top down and pinch closed to form an angle and small triangles portion on top to insert. I honestly think whatever feels right go with it. I however did the second mentioned as the first was awkward and just a no for me.

First time putting it in I was like cool not so bad then I somehow pushed it out.

Put it in again, got it in right, but I could feel the tail. I could not feel anything else though, so there was hope!

Took it out, cut the tail to about 1/3 the length (it was far too long for me and was uncomfortable).

Put it in for the third time and success but after wearing it a few hours something felt off.

Took it out yet again cut off the tail part entirely so that it was just the cup and it seemed to fit perfectly.

Did I put it in right, well no leaks!

Now to take it out knowing I put it in right. I pinched the bottom of the cup like described in directions and it came right out no issues!


Now to test it in my every day life! Did crunches, and squats to see if it would have issues, none YAY!!
Sitting on the floor, chasing kiddos, having to hike my leg over baby gates, sleeping with it, life with it…
I’m officially converted! I am now a cup user and I really wish I had switched sooner. It really is straight forward and simple there is absolutely nothing difficult about using it if you just problem solve the issues of being a new user. I survived my entire period with it, and somehow my period was actually 3 days shorter than it normally is. It might be a coincidence but that made me happy. I wish someone told me about the comfort level and convenience of these. I often heard people say they are great for the environment… that is awesome, I heard them say they were safer for our bodies…that is awesome but I wasn’t willing to try it and be uncomfortable. I wish I knew what exactly I thought would be uncomfortable about it, but mostly I wish someone took the time to convince me to take the time to try it.


You know what one thing will happen that you won’t expect if you try this?
You will want to talk about it to everyone, you’ll feel the need to convert everyone you know to using one.
You will find that you talk about it too much and everyone else thinks your crazy…but seriously…go try it and you’ll see I’m not exaggerating lol.


Disclosure: Cricket’s Daily Fix did not receive compensation for this review. However a free product was provided for trial and review above. Please see full disclosure HERE.


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