Safe Kids All Natural Mosquito Repellent Slap Bracelet

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Safe Kids All Natural Mosquito Repellent Slap Bracelet

Alrighty, I’ll try to contain my excitement as I write about this product as it has me crazy giddy! The bracelets come in orange, red or blue and are exactly 9 inches long. I grew up with slap bracelets so this made me a bit nostalgic but I also feared how exactly they were constructed as a while back there were a few issues arising with kids getting hurt. Turned out the materials used for some of these blast from the past bracelets were not that great of quality. So, I was VERY interested in what these were made of. The inside is the same, then there’s a nice layer of silicone around the slap bracelet making it super safe! I think this is genius! They really did a great design with these, they’re safer, the adorable smiley is not only great for kids but I want one too haha and the little smiley face houses the essential oil mosquito repellent! This is a long lasting product and it comes with 2 little refills.

You can put these on your kiddos wrist or ankle or both if you have two but honestly with the way it grasps you could slap it onto anything even a strap to a backpack. I’m pretty big on repellents that are non toxic as we love hikes, walks, camping, fishing but I’m not about to slather chemicals all over my kiddos to keep bugs away. We sometimes make our own mixes, or buy chemical free at a local shop and these bracelets are now an official addition to our families outing trips! Each refill has a light lavender scent and contains citronella all non toxic and of course 100% Deet free.

Here’s the cool thing, each refill lasts for 15 days! That’s 15 days worth of anything outside and no bites or being bugged by mosquitoes and you can extend this longer if you put your refill in a zip lock baggie while not in use.

The silicone bracelet is water proof and will not be ruined but I’m sure the effectiveness of the refill will be decreased if introduced to water just a tad. The thing I really love about these is the fact that they have refills honestly, most kids or adult wearable repellents require you to buy a new one each and every time and only last a few hours to one use. I like reusable!










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