Seeds of Change Review and my lil habaneros

Seeds of Change Review and my lil habaneros

Today I was geeked to plant my Habanero Chile Heirloom seeds that I received to review from Seeds of Change!

Seeds of Change is a certified organic company that carries seeds, flowers, herbs and vegetables! If your going to grow your own produce and such why not start out organic!? As their site says, they have over 1,200 varieties some of which are hard to find anywhere else. They also have tools and supplies needed to start planting your own garden along with books to tell you just how to do it! I’ve always enjoyed having fresh veggies grown right at home, knowing exactly what went into growing them and taking delight in the fact that I grew them all on my own!

The variety of different seedlings, plants and seeds really is incredible! You choose Vegetables for instance and are given 3 pages of listed veggies each with multiple varieties!

One of my favorites that has a huge variety is the carrots which has 21 or more choices to go along with it, I adore herbs as well though and their selection is not lacking! I’ll soon be looking into their German Chamomile (I adore growing my own herbal teas).

If you want a nice variety pack they also have seed collections to choose from I especially like the Children’s Garden Collection.

When given the choice of what to plant first from their grand selection I chose the Hababero Chile Heirloom, because my hubby is obsessed with Habanero! Every time we eat something he splashes on some Habanero salsa, when we go out to Buffalo Wild Wings, he orders Mango Habanero wings, and I wanted to try to make more homemade concoctions with our own little fiery chilies!

Here’s something I love about their seed packets:

First off at the very bottom of the front label you will read about their NEW Environmentally friendly packaging!

*Less energy required to produce plastic and less waste from reuse of envelope
*Equivalent to paper in landill accumulation
*Hermetically sealed to guarantee freshness for two years if opened
*resealable to keep leftover seed fresh. (I will most likely reuse this little baggy)

On the back of the seed packet in the top left corner we see that little label guaranteeing the product is USDA ORGANIC!

They tell you the conditions in which to plant your seeds, give you all the details you need, say where to start them (these specifically are indoors), and tell you when to harvest them!

Theres a wee bit of text under Harvesting & Seed Storage and that says:


Kudos Seeds of Change!!!

So today I planted my little future fiesty firey chillies and hope they like my green thumb!

Wile my little seeds turn into seedlings which the packet says should take 10 – 14 days I have time to decorate my cute little pots which they will move into next:

Until then my seeds will be turning into seedlings in some old reused baby food jars!

Now they wait on at my window

I only planted a few to start out and see how they go. Wish me luck on them!

In the mean time you should head over to Seeds Of Change and check out their selection for yourself!


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