Serengeti Tea’s Coffee Sticks

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Serengeti Tea’s Coffee Sticks

I’m very picky with my coffee. If I don’t like it, I’ll either give it away or it will sit there and never be used until I’m in dire need of coffee and that is the absolute last thing available. I’m looking for specific things when I drink coffee. One thing is it absolutely cannot in any way have a bitter after taste! I do not care what type of fancy brand it is if it is bitter I’ll stop at my first sip and it’s done for. I don’t want to have to drown my coffee in sugary milk or flavored creamer to get a better result. With that, the world of instant coffee has lost it’s charm. Back in the old days a spoonful of instant coffee was quick and satisfying. Then came single serve coffee machines no names of brands needed…and instant coffee became a quick single cup of way better coffee. The slight bit longer it took to wait for it to brew was worth the intensely better flavor.

Then came the coffee stick. You have no idea what you are missing. I had no idea what I was missing. I had absolutely no idea any instant coffee could taste this amazing. Great, wonderful, perfect, give me another word to toss in there to tell you how awesome it is! See here’s the thing…this is not like the old scoupable instant coffee, this is not like those single serve brews, this is something new and this company is leading the way with it!

Each coffee stick contains ground freeze dried Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee. It is the Sunset Roast and has a soft caramel finish. It tastes absolutely amazing.

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What makes it special?

For two centuries, the finest coffee’s grown on the Blue Mountain range on the eastern end of the Island of Jamaica. The cool and misty conditions at elevations near 5,000 ft. are coupled with lush volcanic soil and plenty of rainfall to produce this most desired coffee.

Serengeti proudly uses 100% certified Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee in this extravagant hybrid coffee blend. They combine the finest fresh ground coffee with their state-of-the-art freeze-dried coffee granules to create this transcendent instant brew coffee.

I love this company guys, I seriously do. I love them because the most important thing to them was the quality and flavor of their product. Yes the sticks are super cool, yes they are convenient, yes they’re kinda my favorite fast way to make coffee but you seriously can’t beat this smooth flavor! Dare I say it, I’ve skipped using my single cup brewer to have a few cups of Serengeti’s coffee! The price for these is crazy, this is a product I think is actually worth way more and I’d pay way more for it too but the fact that the taste is just exquisite, the quality is perfect and they are for lack of a better word just cool, this price makes me love them even more. You can get a box of 18 sticks for $7 on Amazon plus $3.50 shipping and I’ve paid about that for 2 horrible cups of bitter over sweetened coffee at some fancy coffee shop before for hubby and I…these are so much more worth every cent!

So, I’m in love with the flavor and feel like a cool kid with my sticks of coffee I just stir into my water. Is there anything that could make me love them more? I didn’t think so but there is, I found out the sticks are super duper eco friendly and if you haven’t noticed that’s something I shoot for in my daily life whenever possible. The sticks themselves are NOT made of trees but are made from a paper-making technology that can be recycled causes no water pollution has no bleach, causes no air pollution and is degradable in 6 months time. That’s it I love them! I love the company, all of their products (their tea sticks are the bomb by the way) and I love how they actually keep not only you in mind as a customer but the earth in mind too! Gotta love eco friendly companies!!


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