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Skin Free

I feel like I took a trip to an all expenses paid spa resort, unwound, then got myself back at home all within a few hours. I’ll talk more about that in a few moments.

I had the opportunity to try a few products from Skin Free and I have so many good things to say about them! I have to say, they did not only exceed my expectations but I was astonished at the results I got from them! There’s a few products I regularly use, I love trying new things, but a few I stay true to, because they WORK and Skin Free has made its way onto that list.

Skin Free Skin Care Products are recommended for:

* Extreme Dry Skin
* Skin or Fragrance Allergies
* Psoriasis
* Dermatitis
* Eczema
* Pregnant Moms
* Babies
* The Elderly
* Diabetics
* Renal Patients
* After Radiation or Chemotherapy

Pharmacist formulated and doctor recommended patented formulas for delicate, sensitive and very dry or damaged skin.

* All Natural, Vegan Ingredients
* No Perfumes
* No Petroleum Products
* No Harmful Chemicals
* No Steroids
* No Colorants
* No Greasy feeling
* No Animal Testing, Cruelty Free
* Money Back Guarantee

I’m always looking for products that help with dry skin and that’s actually what I wanted it for.

I mentioned earlier that I felt like I took a trip to a spa resort, well, one of the products I was sent to test was the Skin Free Sweet and Smooth Sugar Scrub.

The sugar scrub contains natural alpha hydroxy acids, which renew skin and leave it refreshed, and gets rid of the dead skin cells. I used the sugar scrub this morning after a good yoga workout and along with a hot shower felt amazing! My entire body feels so soft, not like I put cream on my skin and it feels slick soft, I mean after I rinsed it off I felt like grime that had been hiding on me just washed away and I have baby soft skin again! The way I feel right now after using this, is something I’d pay to feel like at a spa, only its in the convenience of my own home!

I’m a fan of homemade spa but every now and then I like to buy products that I know are the same quality, that being not full of harmful chemicals and ingredients I cant even pronounce much less tell you what they are.

The Skin Free products are rated 0-1 in the Environmental Working Group’s rating which is the lowest in toxicity! Learn more HERE

That 0-1 rating made me unafraid to use these products on Seth, as you know I am paranoid when it comes to that stuff.

If you know Seth and have met him in person, you would know about his cradle cap. I think Seth had one of the WORST cases I’ve ever come across and I saw a few babies with it wile working at a daycare a few years back. I tried everything… when people say that you think oh they tried like 3 products and gave up… NO, I tried every single product made for dry skin, tried every single old wives tail to help it clear up… NOTHING! It got to the point that wile out and about with him, anyone and everyone that saw him said “do you know how to get rid of that?” then I’d be told something that definitely works and has always worked for someone else. It became a sore note with me and hearing possible solutions that I had already tried but did not work for us just frustrated me to no end.

Then came Skin Free Whipped Tamanu Butter. On the side of the tub it said that Polynesians discovered the healing and protective properties of tamanu oil centuries ago. When the French arrived in Polynesia, they were facinated by the islanders’ use of this oil for everything from minor skin abrasions to severe sunburn and major skin infections. French scientists have discovered that the oil contains a unique fatty acid called calophyllic acid. This fatty acid has the ability to stimulate skin cell growth. Tamanu also contains a chemical called calophyllolide, which has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

I had to try it on his lil head… if this promised so many things and sounded like the answer to well A LOT of skin issues maybe this could be the thing to end his scale looking head issues.

Here is a picture of his head, it isn’t a direct picture because well, I didn’t bother to take before pictures because I didn’t think it would work and I hated taking pictures that showed that clearly lol (take note that this was not when it was at its worst)

I applied it to the dry skin on his head and expected nothing to be honest, I had put different creams on and had no results. NOW THE ASTONISHING PART, I will swear by this product and what it says it does now and forever, the VERY NEXT day, skin started to flake off and the underlying skin looked amazing, like nothing had been there. It took a total of 4 days with this product and the cradle cap was COMPLETELY GONE! This was some stuck on there dry skin that was refusing to leave and within 4 short days the problematic issue was no more.

Here’s a pic of my bugger climbing on me this morning

Everyone who knows Seth keeps saying “His head is so pretty!” lol I don’t tire of hearing it either, since for so long all I heard was how bad it looked!

It is also suggested to treat sun damaged skin (personally tested on sunburn IT HELPS!), dermatitis, eczema, acne psoriasis, diaper rash and helps prevent wrinkles! Seems like a miracle cream to me!

I also tried the Niaouli Butter Stick which helps with dry cracked skin, apply to cracked, dry areas on feet, hands, elbows. or wherever you need that extra boost of moisture. It contains Niaouli Oil and Shea Butter, I chose to use this on my feet hehe and I now have baby soft feet too… perhaps I can convince the hubby and his horribly abused Army feet to be pampered with this as well… we’ll see!

I’ve come to the conclusion that Skin Free is not only has an amazing line of products but is an essential for not only me but my entire family!

Find these products and many others at their website: SkinFree


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