Snug Suction Bowl and Spoon Set

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Snug Suction Bowl and Spoon Set

Need another baby feeding gadget? Ok this isn’t really a gadget but this bowl is pretty neat!

First off I like the material its made of, its a nice sturdy bowl and my kids can’t easily break it! That’s a big deal when it comes to my kids…they’re a bit destructive haha. The suction cup bottom seems to suction to most things, there’s only a few surfaces I had issues with and after pushing it down firmly it suctioned. The top snaps on pretty tight and stays sealed even when dropped. I accidentally tested that out with some slimy baby food and it stayed safely inside the container…thankfully. The spoon snaps onto the top it doesn’t just sit there like most bowls I’ve seen and the little arch in the spoon is nice. When you put the spoon down on a flat surface it keeps the rest of the spoon from getting food all over it. All in all this is a pretty nifty baby or toddler bowl, I think having multiples would be helpful and I think it’s great for travel too!

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Product info:

Easy to hold shape
Nothing’s worse than spills during feeding time. Prevent the mess (at least from you) with this bowl’s easy to hold design. It stays securely in your hands, so you can get a tighter grip and avoid unsightly messes.
Spoon just right for baby
The set comes with a spoon that’s made to fit perfectly in tiny mouths. This allows baby to get a good grip around it, preventing messes as baby learns to eat solid food. Despite its small size, it still holds enough food to give your child adequate bites for a full feeding. The spoon also has an easy to hold handle, making it easy for you to use, as well as for baby when he’s ready to start trying to self-feed.
Hygienic cover keeps baby safe
When it’s time to travel, or store the bowl and spoon away for next time, this set comes with a hygienic cover to keep the spoon free of dirt, dust, and grime. Just wash and put the cover on for next time.
Easy maintenance and stylish colours
The green and yellow colour scheme makes this set fitting for boys and girls alike. You’ll also find both pieces to be easy to maintain and clean, since they’re easy to wipe clean after use.


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