Stainless Steel Potato Masher wooot wooot!

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Stainless Steel Potato Masher wooot wooot!

Am I the only person that’s had major issues making mashed potatoes? Maybe i’m just a clutz but I’ve broken the plastic potato mashers and then there’s the ones that don’t seem to mash properly…you just get giant chunks and stuff stuck in the masher. As you guys have read from previous posts but the fact that it’s stainless steel made me heart it more! The solid design allows you to push down firmly and everything squishes through evenly…those potatoes are not escaping this masher, it will squish them all! It has a great handle that won’t hurt your hand! I actually really love the handle because it is a side ways handle like that on luggage, I probably could have thought up a better reference but that seems to fit the description perfectly to me. Instead of it being something you grab like any other cooking tool and try to make holding it oddly you are able to use more force to mash and a better twisting motion to get the potatoes mashed quicker.

Seriously, you wouldn’t think the handle has so much to do with the mashing but it really makes a big difference. I myself had never tried one with this kind of handle so I didn’t think it would make that big of a difference. When you use a regular masher your using your wrist and forearm as the strength behind each mashing…but when you use this handle your using the strength of your biceps and shoulder muscle to emphasize more force. Put your arm out in front of you and pretend to have a normal potato masher in hand it’s pretty much an up and down motion and slight rotations of your wrist, after a while your hand or wrist gets tired. Yes I make large portions of mashed potatoes so if you do to you know what I’m talking about. If you don’t well then that might not be an issue but it’s still not the most comfortable feeling in the world. Now place your hand out in front of you as if holding the horizontal handle you’ll notice as you push down your elbow goes out and your using your whole upper arm to direct your masher onto the potatoes. This makes it faster, easier, and more comfortable! Didn’t think the handle on a masher could ever be so important huh???

By the way my counters where I took these pics are horribly scratched up, not my doing I rent lol.

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unnamed (8)

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Before I make a noel about my masher which I’ve fallen in love with I’ll leave you with this, this thing rocked my socks off and made me really love making mashed potatoes, clean up is a breeze, the design is ridiculously simple and epicly smart yes epicly, and it’s just awesome!


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