Stretchy! {what I think}

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Stretchy! {what I think}

I’m seriously typing with joy in getting the opportunity to introduce you to the second product offered by the Need Brands company! I recently reviewed the Milky! product and got amazing results with my milk production (breast feeding momma here). I had run into so many dead ends when given advice on how to increase my milk supply when I stumbled upon Milky! and fell in love. You can check out my Milky! review here: Read about Milky! Naturally I was excited to find out the Need Brands company also offered a product for stretch marks as my second kiddo left me a bit marked up!

Stretchy! is the second product offered by this wonderful company and it was just launched this month July 2013! I was excited to hear that the two products they offer now will be a few of many more planned and I’ll be watching and waiting to see what’s next!

What makes this stretch cream different from others?

How Stretchy! is made:

About Stretchy! (taken directly from their site… they said it perfectly)
one one Stretchy! is the only plant-based stretch mark treatment formulated with a sufficient concentration of active ingredients to deliver noticeable results at an accessible price. Its unique blend of herbal extracts from around the world are proven to help prevent and repair stretch marks. Compared with many premium stretch mark products that cost over $50, Stretchy! was designed to deliver even better results at only $17.99! Stretchy! is dermatologist recommended, vegan, cruelty-free and never tested on animals – so it’s not only great for you, it’s also kind to the environment around you.

My fellow ecoholics, this has to have caught your attention! The ingredients within this awesome tube can be proudly listed here along with details as to why the active ingredients in Stretchy! are so important to it’s formula!

This is an amazing cream that both moisturizes and smells divine. Not only is it great for reducing stretch marks but it’s also a great cream for the whole entire body!


Stretchy! contains:
*No Parabens
*No Phthalates
*No Sulfates
*No Artificial Colors
*100% Vegan
*Never Tested on Animals

{what I think} I have to agree with Tia, it smells awesome, it’s not too thick and not too runny, it also feels great and refreshing somehow once applied! The smell reminds me of an aroma therapy candle, it just gives you an all around great feeling from the moment you open the box to the moment it is applied onto your skin. I look forward to any and all upcoming products by the Need Brands company and am actively attempting to get any and all moms and soon to be moms I know to use their products!

You can purchase Stretchy! online HERE (discounts for purchases of more than 1 tube)
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