Super Bright LED Headlamp Flashlight

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Super Bright LED Headlamp Flashlight

So, my hubby’s been wanting a headlamp for a long time. I finally got to review one! This is the BYB Super Bright LED Headlamp Flashlight! Super bright and cool! I thought this would come in handy because he tends to decide to do projects late at night or work on the car late at night! I have to explain that he works a really weird shift so night time is usually his free time to do anything he needs to do since he spends mornings with the family and doesn’t like to take from that time with us. Poor guy is left doing whatever he needs late late at night and probably looks a bit bonkers outside doing stuff carrying around flashlights or lanterns usually then cursing when he drops it and hurts himself or loses something and all you see is a light rolling around on the ground as he searches haha.

It is pretty bright, don’t stand in front of it when someone is wearing it because it is very very bright. I say this because I happened to be standing directly in front of him when he first turned it on and I just about saw spots for an hour later. I’m aware normally someone won’t do that but I’m me…live on the edge and go blind and all.

It has a few settings and a red setting that is pretty cool also. It seems to be his new favorite toy, or it has just made his life way easier so he’s been taking it everywhere in the event that he may need it. I’ve seen him outside at night in the pitch black (we live out in the middle of nowhere) and he will have his light on and it lights up the entire engine area! Impressive light source! It fits snugly on his head but comfortably. I tried it on and it seemed to be light and not feel too bulky either!

*Red Light

*Adjustable headband 2.5 cm wide to prevent slipping, can be stretched 10,000 times without it messing up!
*Big push button on/off/light settings button
*Red LED’s
*IW LED Bulb
*Uses sophisticated optical lens for enhanced beam and light efficiency
*IPX4 rating for water resistance






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