The Fruit Guys Review

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The Fruit Guys Review

My friend Michelle introduced me to The Fruit Guys and I’m so happy I got to review for them! My hubby and I had been very disappointed in the fruits and veggies available in our grocery stores here, we missed home, missed fresh good tasting fruit. It seemed to us everything here whether ripe or not tasted bitter or just not right. I haven’t found very many options for affordable organic fruits and veggies here either so when it came time to go grocery shopping, going anywhere near the veggie isle made me grumpy.

The Fruit Guys sent me a Central Organic Takehome Case to try. I love nice packaging, and seeing as how this arrives in the mail I thought all the stickers on it and it resembling a little suitcase was a cute idea! Maybe my great appreciation for marketing, packaging and commercials comes from my going to school for graphic design and us being given assignments for things like that. It makes you truly appreciate what goes into designing something, don’t worry Fruit Guys I noticed!

What came in my neat Central Organic Takehome Case?

*2 Danjou Pears (Washington)
*2 Valencia Orages (California)
*2 Pink Lady Apples (Washington)
*1 Grapefruit (California)
*2 Gala Apples (Washington)
*Strawberries (California)
*Baby Bok Choy (California)
*Brown Rice (Indiana)
*Daikon Radish (California)
*Broccoli (California)
*Carrots (Florida)
*Snow Peas (California)
*2 Peaches
*1 Avacado

Cases very depending on seasonal fluctuations. Find out what would be in your mix: HERE

I honestly don’t think reviewing this case of veggies and fruits could have come at a better time, the day before I got it, my hubby and I were at Walmart, I cant seem to remember what we were there for, I’m not a fan of Walmart so it must have been something little we needed because we rarely go there for big items or for an extended amount of time. Well, we walked in the main doors and in our Walmart the first thing you see is the veggie isle on one side, we walked up to the strawberries which were cheap, red, and huge, some the almost 3/4 the size of my palm. We both thought it odd that these strawberries were so gigantic but bought them to see if they’d taste any good. UGH! Nice big juicy sour grossness!

The next day I try a small ripe strawberry from The Fruit Guys box and was blown away. Had I forgotten what a strawberry tasted like? Seriously? I got used to the little bitter, barely sweet things they called strawberries here, I thought strawberries just weren’t my thing. Biting into that little ripe strawberry brought a flash back from my grandma growing strawberries and how sweet and delicious they were! At one time they were my favorite fruit!

I’m a veggie lover, a fruit lover no doubt… all this time being here, being away from farms that I could easily go to back home and get some fresh produce I had actually gotten accustomed to the lowest quality around. For shame! The Fruit Guys helped remind me that even if you have to look a little harder for good quality it is completely worth it!

They have great prices too, and can deliver regularly whether you want it to be weekly or bi-weekly and have a hold for when your on vacation! There isn’t a contract its just super convenient!

More things I love about the Fruit Guys:

*They buy 100% organic produce sourced from local farms to the extent possible

*Their commuter friendly briefcase style boxes are made from 75% post-consumer recycled cardboard & printed with soy-based inks. Return them in some areas and they will reuse them up to 4 times or you can recycle them.

*In your box they include recipes inspired by your weekly mix

My baby boy loved these apples! I cut them into small pieces and put them in this pacifier like net chew thing, I think some moms might know what I’m talking about, well he chewed on them vigorously as well as the pairs! I had tried apples before though and he wasn’t going for them, in fact, he even hated applesauce lol maybe he can tell the difference too! They just taste better!

My hubby and I are peach fans so these were the first to be eaten out of the box, they were so sweet, I haven’t had a peach that good in a looong time! Tasting them made me want to plant a peach tree and have them ready to pick in my own yard lol, of course, here we aren’t even allowed to plant in our yard. Thank God I can have plants inside.

We used some of the rice with a stir fry we made with some of the veggies then used the rest of it for a dirty rice recipe we have. WOW that rice is awesome! I think I’ll seriously look into getting this rice from now on, I just loved the texture of it in both recipes we used it for. TOP NOTCH! I learned from the Fruit Guys inserts they sent with the case that white rice is refined and many nutrients are scrubbed away with the outer layers and that’s why its skinnier. Believe it or not I didn’t know that, and brown rice still having that bran and germ layer intact helps lower LDL cholesterol!

FACT: Refined rice takes an environmental toll on waterways near rice refineries.

WOW, switching to brown rice! Another plus, switching to brown rice can help with weight loss!

I think I learned a lot from The Fruit Guys wile also being given the chance to try amazing produce and remember just how important good quality is! This is one of those companies I urge my readers to look into! Maybe you forgot what a GOOD strawberry or peach tasted like too… have you picked one from a tree lately? Or you grab one at the grocery store and accept that it’s dull or bitter taste is average, even the good tasting ones didn’t compare to The Fruit Guys!

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And be sure to check out their You Tube videos for tons of helpful info and to meet the farmers! WATCH




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