The Tea Book

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The Tea Book

Why haven’t I gotten one of these before?! Well it didn’t exist. Seriously though, I’ve had boxes and boxes of tea… piled in a cabinet or on a shelf looking less than organized. I saw this book, and a thought came to me… I should get a bookshelf and have an entire book shelf filled with Tea Books and have all my tea all pretty and displayed. I realize no normal person has enough tea to fill an entire book shelf filled with these tea books but I.. I do! For now though, before I go overboard, I tried out the one with some of my most used teas. This thing is gorgeous! Any tea lover would adore this for a gift or heck buy it for yourself. This goes into the all time favorite items I’ve reviewed category!

Besides looking cool though, I need to tell you it isn’t just a half baked neat idea this thing was really well thought out. It is really well made, sturdy, and it feels like a book worthy of holding all my glorious teas. Yes, I am a bit of a tea nut, it’s ok haha. It’s recommended use is to be stored with your cookbooks or at your tea table, because you know normal people don’t dream of a boook shelf filled with tea haha but this thing is beautiful and could really go anywhere and add to whatever area it’s sitting in.

This book can hold 144 tea bags! Made of partially recycled and recyclable materials, is available in 5 colors, and is made of non toxic bpa free materials (no animal materials even though they look like high quality leather). If you want to get your hands on one of these, you have to sign up to be one of the first to get info when they finally launch! How exciting right!!! Go here and enter your name and email to stay up to date!

Here is my lovely Tea Book filled completely with some amazing teas! Check it out:






These are brand new and happen to be on Kickstarter which by the way is one of my fav things in the world! This is an amazing product guys but here’s the deal, right now they are at only 198 backers and at $16,050 pledged of their $20,000 goal and only have 36 more days to go! So, help me spread the word and get this product backed! But, since it’s on Kickstarter, there are early bird deals! What’s that mean? It means you get a killer deal, a discount, and get to be one of the first people to have these before they are available to the public! SWEET! Pledge $35 or more and you’ll have yours first but check out all the other sweet deals too!



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