Thestorybookcottage Coffee Cozy and Coffe Cup Giveaway and Review 5 WINNERS

Thestorybookcottage Coffee Cozy and Coffe Cup Giveaway and Review 5 WINNERS

Thestorybookcottage is an Etsy run by Carol, who has been making quilts for over 20 years and has always loved to sew! She makes the most adorable coffee cozys and has sent me a few to review and do a giveaway with! These coffee cozys fit almost every “to go” coffee cup whether it be from home or from a coffee shop and are of course reusable! I love the variety in prints available and she posts new ones often, I used one with my reusable coffee cup and it was a perfect fit for that too. The size of each cozy seems to be, in fact, perfect.

On her site she is also offering the pattern to these neat little coffee cozys that is easy to sew and gives you a professional finished look as if it was store bought! Priced: $8.00 You can find it here: HERE

With this purchase you will recieve:

Cover Photo Picture showing different prints
2 pages of complete detailed instructions
2 pages of pictures for reference as you sew
1 Coffee Cozy paper template

For a limmited time she is also giving away a **FREE** fat quarter of 100% High Quality Cotton Fabric with your purchase of her Perfect Fit Coffee Cozy Pattern. And if contacted will help you out with any questions you may have on making these or any other general questions!

By replacing your cardboard coffee cozy from coffee shops you do your part in reducing landfill waste a tad more! These cozys help insulate your coffee cup and keep your coffee hot and your hands not haha! Using my ceramic coffee cup my hands can easily overheat but this perfectly padded coffee cozy provides a thin lining of protection wile also serving a purpose whether it be with cold or hot drinks. Each cozy is priced at $6.25. You can find a nice variety of cozys HERE

Below is a picture of the 5 coffee cozys that will be participating in the giveaway and will find homes with 5 of my readers!

The ARMY wife in me popped out yet again with her etsy! I found coffee cozys that are camo! It mixes camo and cute girlyness! Ahhhhh I know all my ARMY wife friends and those who have family members in the military will love these:

She doesn’t only have cozys though, she also sells Hipster Messenger Bags, Wheelchair Tote Bags, Christmas Stockings (these are her most popular), Regular Tote Bags, Quilt Art, and patterns. she will also be offering her Christmas stockings and some new designs starting September so be sure to check back! She takes custom orders as well so if you have any ideas flowing through your head let her know, customer satisfaction is her number one priority!

BUY THEM: You can purchase coffee cozys at her Etsy HERE along with her pattern or the other items I just listed. The variety is great and I’m one for bright colors so I love everything she has!

WIN THEM: I have 5 cozys from Thestorybookcottage to give away to 5 readers who will be chosen at random at But to make the deal even sweeter I will be donating a ceramic coffee cup to 1 of the 5 winners to also be chosen at random! You can win two ways here and one person will be super lucky! The ceramic cup is like the one in my picture above and I adore taking this out with me when I go to my favorite coffee shop!

HOW TO ENTER: You must first complete the mandatory entry, then can do extra entries. Each entry MUST BE in a separate comment!

Mandatory entry: Go to Thestorybookcottage and tell me your FAVORITE item from her Etsy.

Extra entries: Do as many as you want.

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