Think Geek Review and $50 Gift Card Giveaway

Think Geek Review and $50 Gift Card Giveaway


I’m so excited to be reviewing for Think Geek! They have long been one of my favorite companies around, partly due to the fact that they have so many neat gadgets and I admit I have a soft spot in my heart for useless neat gadgets. But their gadgets have a purpose, whether it be a small one large one, so it makes them that much more appealing! I told myself I wouldn’t go nuts when I posted this review with posting EVERYTHING I love from their site and making this a looong blog, but there is a lot I cannot leave out!

I stroll through Think Geek’s website regularly, there’s always something new and unique popping up, but just recently I discovered they’ve added eco friendly products! Of course I had to jump on that and tell everyone who reads my blog that this insanely unique company now had some eco products to offer us earth lovers!

I was sent two things to review by Think Geek, one was Smencils and the other a Pico charger. I cannot seem to put into words my excitement over both of these products, however I will try.

First off let me start with the Pico charger. I have always been amazed by solar powered energy, I told my hubby that if we ever actually did build our house I would want to install solar panels instead of paying electric. There’s something about using the sun’s energy that intrigues me, besides the fact that in the end it is more cost effective, you reduce your carbon foot print significantly. This small charger may not be a huge solar panel that can power an entire house but it can recharge common gadgets. Such as phones, ipods, well I could list all the things but let me just say this, it comes with adapters for a few products these being, a Nokia mobile phone, Samsung mobile phone, Sony Erickson phone, and a minni USB for Motorola phones, blackberry and most smart phones, Garmins and most GPS, even Bluetooth headsets and PDA’s. Ok, that’s just the parts it comes with, however ANYTHING that has a USB connection to plug into your computer can be plugged into the Pico to be charged. This came in handy with my much beloved Blackberry Storm, if you didnt know the Storm has a slightly different minni USB than the original Blackberry. I was bummed when the connection didn’t fit but after reading the handy dandy set of instructions, discovering that any USB cable could charge, I quickly took my phone’s cable from the computer and hooked it up!

Ok so your gadget will fit the Pico charger, now what?

SUN! I sometimes crack my windows when its cool out, so I set the Pico there to charge in sunlight, or I lay outside and it charges, or below, we went on a trip to the zoo and it charged in the sunlight as we walked! Walks are great times to charge it, it sits in Seth’s stroller and I forget I even have it till we get back. It takes some time to charge so any time I’m out of the house and sunlight is hitting me, I pull it out to charge!

After our zoo trip my phone was in fact running low on batteries since I use it as a camera for convenience and well it takes good enough pictures so I hardly pull out my real camera. I was happy to actually try out my Pico charger with my phone, I find it so amazing I was outside close to NO outlets charging my phone!

Why am I so giddy about this? I suppose if you stay indoors all the time and don’t care to venture off outside this isn’t really for you, but we like to camp, go boating, hiking, fishing, all of which put you no where near any possible outlets and knowing that if I needed a way to charge one of my hubby’s and my gadgets out in the middle of nowhere it is completely possible!

The other product I tried out were the Smencils. Yes you read right not pencils but smencils!

Why are these pencils called smencils? A smencil is newspapers wrapped around #2 colored graphite until a pencil is formed, Then the pencil is soaked in a gourmet liquid scent. Once they dry, an eraser is attached and a sticker put on to identify the flavor… um smell.

Now you have to love Think Geek for the way they talk about their products. When I first saw smencils I thought about Willie Wonka for some reason, reading their description of the product made me laugh, ahhhh great minds think alike. When I smelled them for the first time a famous quote from the movie popped into my head “The strawberries taste like strawberries. The snozberries taste like snozberries!” not because these smencils tasted like anything, I’m not sure I’d try to find that out but the smells are insane! You read Black Cherry and think ok cherry smell, but its not a dull, faint kinda like cherry smell, and it is also not an over powering, strong disgusting disguise of the smell, it is what you would think a Black Cherry would smell like. Think cotton candy and it really smells like cotton candy, you’d think you had a big fluffy pink sugary yummy poof of it right in front of you. O the power of smell!

The flavors…er…. smells are:

*Black Cherry
*Cotton Candy
*Root Beer
*Bubble Gum
*Tropical Blast
*Very Berry

According to Think Geek, Willy Wonka’s twin sister Winnie created smencils:

Everyone knows that Willie Wonka was a real person, right? He really had a candy factory that produced treat after magical treat. He was an artist when it came to flavors. But not too many people know that he had a twin sister, Winnie. She was an artist too, albeit a visual artist. While Willie spent night after night researching flavors and formulas, his sister Winnie was by his side chronicling everything in her drawings. One day a drunk Oompa Loompa spilled one of Willie’s batches of Orange Liqueur on Winnie’s colored pencil set. At first mad, both Willie and Winnie’s anger quickly turned to joy as they realized a new invention had been created. And thus, Smencils were born. LEARN MORE

I just had to throw that in there! I love you Think Geek!

Best part about Smencils? They’re saving one tree at a time!

Not so GREEN products but you have to love them anyway:

Grassy Lawn Charging Station

ElectroMan Surge Protector

I think this one kinda counts as being GREEN
Flip Flop Solar Plant

If you want to check out more unique and crazy gadgets and toys check out Think Geek. It was hard but I refrained from posting everything I love on here!

Now to the part your going to love!

Think Geek is going to give one of my readers a $50 gift card to their store! O the many things you could get for $50!!!

RULES: US ONLY! You must do the REQUIRED entry before you can do any EXTRA entries. Each entry MUST be in a SEPARATE comment! If you put everything in one comment I’m sorry it will be DELETED!

MANDATORY ENTRY (Required): Want to win a $50 Gift Card to Think Geek? Of course you do! So, to make your entry you must tell me WHAT MAKES YOU A GEEK?! O come on everyone has a geek in them… you know you do! It can be anything at all!

EXTRA ENTRIES (do as many or as few as you want):

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