Triple Power Omega 3 Fish Oil

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Triple Power Omega 3 Fish Oil

MANGO FLAVORED!! This stuff is awesome, I love mango though…so yea I love it!

Let’s get in those Omega 3’s in new and awesome ways! I got to try out the Triple Power Omega 3 Fish Oil and besides the taste being pretty unique and great this supplement has a lot to offer. This thick orange liquid supplement is a power packed trio.


What’s in it?


Fish oil, Astaxanthin, and Curcumin


These help support a normal inflammatory response in healthy people and protect every cell in your body from free radical damage. This formula is about synergy. Astaxanthin and curcumin are best absorbed when taken with fats such as those found in fish oil. In turn, these two potent antioxidants help keep the fish oil from oxidizing in the body. This fish oil is even stronger than the high EPA/DHA levels suggest. Triple Power is an emulsion, which means it is 300% to 500% better absorbed than fish oil capsules. This fish oil is harvested from fresh sardines, anchovies and mackerel in near-to-shore fisheries. ABSOLUTELY NO FISH TASTE!

We love it!

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fish oil

Hubby and I tried it out. He has an aversion to most liquid supplements and cough meds and such. He was a trooper and tried it out with me because he’s willing to try new things…but I stood back and was ready to clean up spills. Note: often times when I try to get him to try liquid anything I’m left cleaning up involuntary puke because he can’t handle it and if he tries to clean it up the mess just gets bigger. Luckily, he did not puke, he said he didn’t even feel like he would at all due to the fact that it was a thick liquid and it didn’t seem slimy or too runny. He said it seemed more like a dose of liquid candy and he wouldn’t mind taking it regularly! YAY!

So, then I tried it out. I love the mango flavor, to me it almost seems like your getting a tablespoon of thick mango smoothie when you take a dose of it. What’s important to me when I try out new supplements is not only what the taste may be (if it’s liquid or a chewable) but also how I feel on it and whether or not I wind up burping up any weird flavors or feeling funky after. I am happy to say I had absolutely no weird tastes, during taking it, directly after taking it and way after having taken it. I didn’t have any mango taste linger after I took it and I had no weird side effects or issues at all. I’d say this gave pretty great results and the mix of the three ingredients is perfect. If you had told me I’d love taking a liquid Omega 3 supplement before I tried this I’d be pretty darn skeptical. Why does it taste so good?!


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