True Moon {inspired to be a woman}

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True Moon {inspired to be a woman}

“The Value we place on menstration has a direct correlation with the value we place on ourselves as women.” -Lara Owen, ‘Her Blood is Gold’

I have to admit never in my entire life had I looked at my period aka special time of the month, or shark week as some of my friends call it as anything more than that not so awesome time of the month. I was never inspired by anyone, empowered, never felt proud to be a woman because of the fact that this was happening. In fact, if I went to the store to buy tampons I had this shame about the fact that I was buying them, I was embarrassed to let anyone know it was THAT time of the month.


True Moon has seriously changed how I think about everything and changed how I will go about explaining becoming a woman to any future daughters I may have. To say that this review simply talks about a product would be doing it injustice, True Moon is an entire new way to see and respect yourself as a woman!

So here is the low down on the actual tampon product:


* 1 box = 16 regular absorbency tampons
* Cardboard applicators are biodegradable
* Bleach, chemicals and synthetic fibers NOT included!
* 100% Organic cotton
* Safe for you body and the environment
* Can buy single or 6 packs at once
* Buy directly from website or through

True Moon changed my outlook on a period!

I remember telling hubby that I kinda dreaded explaining that time of the month to any future daughters we had when the time came. Now after spending time to get to know this company, not only has it changed my entire view on being a woman but I’ve gained a sense of pride and am looking forward to the possibility of introducing these ideas to not only any future girls I have but any of my female friends!

I received the True Moon Starter Kit which includes:

* TrueMoon™ Organic Tampons
* Moon Cycle Dry Erase Chart
* Tampon Carrying Case
* The Essential Guide to Understanding and Loving Your Cycle
* First Moon Keepsake


Now I might know what your thinking… I don’t need a starter kit to tell me about my period I’ve survived with this awesome monthly gift as you call it for my whole adult life and I’m pretty sure I know everything about it. Yay, I’m happy your in sync with your body… I actually took a chance and tried out the True Moon Starter Kit with a positive attitude and learned a great deal about my body and cycle that I honestly was never told or taught.

cycle png

This easy to use chart outlines:
Week 1: Menstrual Phase – This begins the first day of your period. All three hormones are at their lowest. Mood begins to rise by day 3.
Week 2: Estrogen Phase – Estrogen & Testosterone rise along with energy, upbeat mood and clearer mind. Ovulation usually happens between days 12 and 16.
Week 3: Progesterone Phase – The other hormones decrease as Progesterone rises. This will have a calming effect on mood and intuition heightens.
Week 4: Pre-Menstrual Phase – Around day 24 all hormones will drop and sensitivity is at its peak. This is ME time.
***This is just a sample of the kinds of information printed on the actual chart, along with tips and fun facts about each phase.

Celebrate Starting Your Moon Phase or Your Daughters!

A few ways to celebrate:
– Give her flowers.
– Make or go to a special dinner – invite mom, dad, siblings.
– Make a scrap book of letters from women in her family.
– Plan a First Moon party that will be both fun and memorable.

First Moon Keepsake
Keepsake to frame or for your scrapbook to remember fondly made by artist, Heather Pasqualino Weirich personalized with your details. Fill in the name and date of first moon.

TrueMoon Ring
A great gift for a girls first moon. Size adjustable and available in sterling silver, oxidized sterling silver, yellow or white gold.

I’ve managed to fall in love with the products offered and officially made a switch to an organic tampon which I had yet to do so prior to discovering True Moon and have learned a great deal more about myself. I hope all the ladies reading take a chance to really check out True Moon’s products and the strong message they have to offer!

To purchase True Moon Tampons & Starter Kit or Connect Socially:

Visit True Moon Online
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Learn more about your body with True Moon’s Blog


Disclosure: Cricket’s Daily Fix did not receive compensation for this review. However a free product was provided for trial and review above. Please see full disclosure HERE.


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