Where on earth did Need Brand by Tia and Tamara go?!?!

Where on earth did Need Brand by Tia and Tamara go?!?!

Ok guys, I try not to rant…but I’ve searched and searched and searched and it’s like Tia and Tamara’s company Need Brands just went poof.

Yes, I went to my beloved Google and I googled my little heart away at anything and everything I thought would bring up something, anything. NOTHING! All I find are pages and pages of bloggers and other sources INTRODUCING the Need Brand products such as Stretchy and Milky (both of which I myself reviewed and you can click the link to each to read the original post). I find so so so many posts about them starting the company then silence.

I was trying to buy some of the products for a new mom friend as I’ve done in the past with no issues…then I ran into a brick wall.

The website was shut down an being sold. See it here. For a very low price I might add. Only $1,795 ok so not that low. So then I emailed the contact I had while reviewing for them, I received an error return email. This was weird. I then took to Facebook, but the company facebook vanished as did the Twitter account. Well then, no biggie I’ll message Tamara herself! Found her on Facebook, took a shot in the dark that she may ever read a FB message from a stranger and I asked what was up.

I left it at that and forgot about it but just for a bit.

Then, I discovered the message was READ and never answered. Ooooook, so my persistent self went on a live stream and posed my question again. Fat chance, no answer, but I didn’t expect much because I mean thousands of people ask questions on there so whatever.

I took to Google again…nothing….

I’ve now, no joke made it one of my personal missions to find out how and why it just went poof!

As far as Twitter activity, it appears all the last activity concerning the now suspended account of @NeedBrands was posted in October of 2015 but at least I’m not the only one that seems to notice they kinda just went quiet.

Instagram VANISHED https://www.instagram.com/NeedBrands/

Facebook VANISHED http://facebook.com/NeedBrands

Google Plus is still active https://plus.google.com/+Needbrands/videos
but the contact info is Email: info@needbrands.com and that won’t get you anywhere.

Pintrest VANISED https://www.pinterest.com/needbrands/boards/

But Youtube, is ALIVE and WELL CLICK HERE Don’t get excited though because all activity ends 2 years ago and again no mention of them closing down.

I’d like to add now that I have nothing against Tia or Tamara I’m just wondering why they would close down a company and not let anyone know. I also have a bit of an issue with this because I personally used their products, Milky especially to help with breastfeeding. What if someone had an issue with one of the products or ingredients and needed to contact the company? It also leaves me a bit uneasy wondering if there was something wrong with the products…did I back something that hurt someone and that’s why it closed down?! Did I breastfeed my kiddo while downing Milky and something harmful pass through? Or did it just go belly up was there a disagreement? I missed the memo on why this company vanished and I’m not the only one that wants an answer.

I just want to know what happened, and feel comfortable with the fact that I used and recommended these products for so long and there wasn’t a bad reason why they are no longer available on the market.

If you know anything please let me know, I’ll update here if I ever get answers.

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6 Responses to Where on earth did Need Brand by Tia and Tamara go?!?!

  1. Yes! I’d like to know too!!! Was also going to buy for a friend, because it helped me .

  2. Wow! Still no news? I’m guessing the twins couldn’t work together as my shot in the dark reason behind it. So sad there’s no response or anything for us. I was just recommending Milky to another mom when I couldn’t find the product anymore (I know, I’m late to the party!).

  3. I am watching their show and was wondering where there products went as well. Have you found any update? Did they get back with you?

  4. Came to your blog looking for answers. Years ago they went silent, yet last year products popped up online with various 3rd party vendors…

  5. Did you find anything out? I’m curious myself as I have done research and tried and searched EVERYRWHERE and I’m coming up with nothing

  6. I’ve actually contacted them multiple times and have been ignored. The whole thing is bizarre.

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