Wine Chiller Stick

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Wine Chiller Stick

Gadgets that improve wine and the drinking of wine are awesometastic!

I have yet to ever use a wine chiller stick, I usually just chilled it the old fashioned way but I always wondered what it would be like to be able to quickly chill wine with one of these awesome gadgets. When the opportunity arose to try one out, I jumped at the chance and I’m totally stoked that I did!

Let me tell you a lil about the one I tried out, there are a bunch on the market but this one is easy to use, has a simple design and looks interesting as well.

Product Info:

Product features and benefits:
1. Sleek Stainless steel chiller tube to enable optimal drinking temperature for up to 30 minutes.
2. Built in wine aerator allows one to breath the wine by releasing its aromas and flavors.
3. Unique mouthful pourer for wine dripping and taste preservation.
4. Made of Food-grade ABS material + silicone. All raw materials passed SGS test.

How it works:
Place the chilling rod in the freezer for a minimum of 2 hours. Before inserting the vintorio wine chiller pourer into your bottle of wine, pour out a glass to prevent overflow. insert the vintorio wine chiller, serve and enjoy.

How to clean:
Unscrew the pourer from the chilling rod and rinse both units with warm water and dry.

Package Includes
1 * stainless steel chilling rod
1 * pourer

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It is pretty user friendly, the two pieces screw into each other, you drink a lil bit of wine before inserting the chiller, seriously do that though because I didn’t the first time and I spilled precious wine all over the counter. Then just put the chiller in, you can wait a minute or two or just pour right after inserting it and it chills it pretty nicely, not ridiculously cold and not too warm pretty surprised at how nicely chilled it was. I left my chiller in the freezer after it’s first use to see how it would hold up if someone decided to just leave it in there between uses and it was totally fine.


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