Zahler’s Kidophilus Probiotic for Kids!!

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Zahler’s Kidophilus Probiotic for Kids!!

We love probiotics in this family! Let’s get that good bacteria in! It’s not always so easy to convince kiddos to take their daily dose of them though, so there are up and coming brands that are making products specifically for kids! They are not only beneficial but they taste great! I like not having to beg my kiddos to take their supplements so things like Zahler’s make my life easier and happier!

What’s inside?


This tastes like fruit punch and comes with a little measuring cup to help you get the right dosage for your kiddo. For Seth it suggested a twice a day dosage which he happily takes! This goes a long way too since there is so much of it in a single bottle. This helps support a healthier digestive system and immune system and I have to say it’s doing it’s job as many people in our town are getting sick right and it seems that cold season is upon us here but my kiddos are doing great! Happy, healthy and have the Kidophilus Probiotic fighting to keep them healthy!

What can this help with?

Kidophilus is particularly beneficial after antibiotic use, as antibiotics kill off all bacteria indiscriminately. Zahlers Kidophilus effectively halts the growth of disease-causing bacteria, such as salmonella and shigella-caused dysentery, diarrhea, and even virus-caused flu. It also clears up yeast infections, reduces bad breath and flatulence, aids in digestion and reduces the incidence of constipation, thanks to a healthy intestinal flora.

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