30 Day Challenge Day 1

30 Day Challenge Day 1

Have you ever seen the documentary Super Siz Me?

Well… I recently watched Fat Head… which kinda disproved some things in Super Size Me and made me think about how our diets are. Our, being my husband, son and I. I realized that although we eat healthy, we eat an incredible amount of carbs.

Maybe I’ve been going about my diet all wrong?

I’ve tried all the crazy things including my bee pollen and still no results.

So, today I start my 30 day challenge to consume between 100 – 150 carbs per day.

According to Ask.com, A person who eats approximately 2,000 calories per day should take in about about 250 grams of carbohydrates.

I was able to loose 50 lbs before my prgnancy on a diet of 1,000 calories, but I was always hungry and consumed way more than 300 carbs a day….

Lets switch it up. I am going to (for 30 days) to see if it works, stay under 1,500 calories per day and between 100-150 calories a day and see what results I get.

I’m also going to weigh myself and see what results I get as well as measuring myself.

If I’m gonna do a challenge I’m gonna do it right!

Also belly dancing 3 times a week and working upward after that. But for the 30 days I will be exercising 3 times a week.

KINDA EXCITED! I have my hubby at my side for motivation and up support for when I want to reach for a carb filled snack. LETS DO THIS!

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