A new look on everything

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A new look on everything

Well readers, a LOT has happened since I have been gone. Mainly, my job went from being a new job to me being an asset and now helping train a new person as well as being the one in charge to close and not being considered NEW at all. I like that… but with that comes even more responsibility and more work lol. I’m working for a growing insurance company and have to help out so so so o so many agents with so many questions, from the time I walk in to the time I leave (7 hrs) on weekdays and (5 hrs) Sat. it is hectic but I like to say that I love what I do! I just wish we had a few more people to help take a bit of the work load off my back.

Due to my job doing so great, and my hubby’s schooling with his GI bill we have finally gotten our own place! I cant tell you how happy I am! Although it was only about 7 months that we had to live with family and try to bounce back from the hit of leaving the active army life (he is still in the national guard), it felt like FOREVER! As I’m sure anyone who hasn’t lived with parents for a long time can understand.

We were also able to buy ourselves our second and much needed car (Toyota Corolla) omg does that thing save gas, our 30 min commute doesn’t seem so bad now, and we just bought our couch for our apartment which will be shipped today! I’m so freaking excited!

Things are looking good now and all the hard work and pain in the butt waiting and struggling seems worth it now. I will be posting pictures soon of everything 😀 oh and I am going to contact the Etsy sellers involved with my blog giveaways for details on when to start them up again!

2 reviews on the way, and lots of fun stuffs I promise! <3

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