Attempting to get back to writing…seriously

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So, I’ve not written since September. Before that, it was another long break and over and over and over again. This was called daily fix because I literally wrote daily at one point. I wonder what happened. :/ I get busy but I’ve gotten so busy I don’t MAKE time for things I like to do that make me happy also. I’ve been trying to get on here and I wind up doing something else, or my kiddos need something for school or life gets in the way. I love my life and the chaos that comes with it but I hardly make time to crochet or write ever anymore. I look up to those blogger moms that juggle everything so gracefully. I’ve decided to schedule a day to blog, about anything that crosses my mind or products and such. My personal facebook page seems to be the only place I update anything anymore and I miss being more social and of course writing. Also things updated on my blog and I’m having to relearn everything lol. In the event that any of this or future posts are missing the letter “n” please know that letter has decided to stick on my keyboard and I’m having to press it especially hard while typing. Makes it look like I’m angry typing so I’m guessing I look comical doing it 😀

I’m going to be doing a post within the next couple of days about my aunts Etsy soap shop and a few soaps she has been having me try out as well as MAYBE a giveaway post to pick my blog back up. Hopefully, everyone is patient with me as I try to jump back into things with scheduled posts so I can MAKE myself stick to writing.

In the event that you are a follower from way back when I’ll give ya a quick update. My kiddos started public school last year so we stopped homeschooling and I adore their school. I started being a parent volunteer and participating in PTA events this year which is 3 days out of the week. I consider myself lucky to be able to do that and be so involved with my kids in this new adventure of public school. I’ve met so many awesome parents that I can call friends and that I’d love to keep as part of my life…I even got sad thinking of summer break and not getting to see them every week. Who knew public school would turn out to be so epic and awesome for us?! I know it really does depend on the school but I’m so very thankful we got a good one! I feel like I’m a part of something great there and my kids are so happy!

Lunch with Odin my 5 year old
Lunch with Atlas my 4 year old
Lunch with Seth my 9 year old
My hubby was able to be the mascot for the boys school!

My hubby started medical assistant school and finished, he’s on externship and we are hoping for a great job to come out of it. I know I’ve briefly mentioned his career stuff on here but life after the military was a roller coaster of ups and downs in the workplace and too much experience for this place and too little experience for that place and it was frustrating for him. So yay for medical assistant school. (If you’ve got something negative to say about a disabled vet getting through schooling I’d like to ask you to kindly not downplay his accomplishment because I’m hella proud of him!) <- the fact that I have to put any disclaimer on that will show you what kind of attitudes he’s had to put up with which is really really REALLY sad. Below is a clap out when he finished (something they do when you’ve completed your last class!)

I was given a tiny pup at 3 weeks old due to issues. What those issues were we don’t know but I can tell you none of us thought he’d be as big and healthy as he is today. We were told he might be half boxer and half pitbull. Then we were told he may be part doberman, now we think he may have mastiff in him. All we know is he made it to 10 months, has had all his shots and survived being formula fed. Unfortunately we were informed that two of his 3 brothers died of parvo. The other surviving brother is only half his size but doing well!

My brother got out of the military (finished his contract) and moved back to TX just a few hours away to start college and it was a huge emotional time for all of us being able to visit him easier and know he finished his time and accomplished something huge!

From left Dustin my brother, my mom Sharisse, me and my hubby Dion aka Zazoo

I got chickens in April last year and my mom got some ducks, we will soon have had our feathered friends for a year. We’ve enjoyed MANY MANY eggs from them all and shared with family and friends. They have lived together as a flock since we originally got them but this summer will bring the building of two separate areas for chickens and for ducks apart. We plan to make an actual pond area for the ducks and a small coop for the chickens. I’ve bartered eggs and the whole chicken and duck experience has been super cool.

Also, we will soon be getting water out to our garden area my mom and I had set aside last year. We’ve since discovered we not only have to get water lines out to it but we have to treat the soil so that we are able to grow anything out there. The wind in that area is also crazy strong and the sun that shines over the area is too severe for even full sun plants to survive. It’s going to be a work in progress throughout this year to get it to the point that our veggies, fruits and herbs will survive in that area but it’s worth it to us. With hope in the next two years we will finally have an epic garden!

I made it to a year in January on Trimm Healthy Mama (diet/lifestyle change) only way to describe it is a close to paleo carb cycling type of diet. Going strong onto year 2! I’ve lost 70+ lbs and have kept them off.

Lastly, hubby and I have started to BUILD things. Lots of things, and restore things. We’ve started to take on old furniture and transform it which I’ll probably post about soon.

Annnnnnd that’s my update in case you care about things going on in my life lol. If not, sorry for the long boring post haha.

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